Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Sooooo....what do you get when a step mom won't quit cutting your child's hair after repeated, VERY KIND, requests to do so??


I cut Logan's hair last week before he went back to Mark and MarKaa's house. She told Logan I messed it up and she needed to fix it. Well, it was super short and he was upset because it wasn't like how he likes it. So, I let him cut his own hair, then buzzed it ... so now she can't cut it anymore! Logan was so empowered and loved the idea! I like him bald better anyway!

After cutting his hair, we went to dinner with Heath! Sweeeeeet kiddos!!

sand volleyball

Dear Heath,
I love that we play sand volleyball together on the weekends. You have taught me so much and are my biggest cheerleader! I love it when you give me high-fives while playing or wink at me before I serve. You truy are my bestest friend!

I had so much fun watching you and Jon play 2 on 2's a few weeks ago. I was such a proud girlfriend! You are so awesome at everything you do.

Your cheerleader!
(your other cheerleader, miss additude, loved watching you too!)