Tuesday, November 23, 2010

power of prayer .... and a smarty pants

{smarty pants, ads}Last week was a fun ride back to the West side.  At 5:30am, Addison gets in the shower and we start talking about twins.  She said they learned about twins in school the day before.  Addi asked Mrs. Ganem if twins had the same finger prints and Mrs. Ganem said they didn't.

Addi - "Mom, do you know there is no such thing as identical twins?"
Me - "Addi, that's not true ... you know some identical twins"
Addi - "Even identical twins don't have the same finger prints, Mom.  That means they are two different people, they are NOT identical"

- how do you argue with that??

{power of prayer}So, the motor in my driver's side window has been slowly dying.  I keep it up all the time, after it got stuck down after going through the bank drive thru and I had Heath's loaded gun in the car and errands to run ... so I had to carry around the loaded gun in my purse.  Last week, on the way to school at 6:30 and 50 degrees outside, we went through the Starbucks drive thru to get some hot chocolate.  After going through the drive thru and getting back on the road, my window wouldn't go back up.  It was freeezing!  Luckily, I brought the kids' fleece balnkets and we turned the hot air on full bast!  We get on the highway and it's miserable.  After joking about it for a while, it wasn't so funny any longer.  I continued to try to pull the window up and roll the window up, but it wasn't budging.  About 10 miles down the highway, I decide to try again.  It went straight up, with no problems.  I said, "Um, that was weird".  Logan said, "Mom, do you know why it went up?"  Me, thinking I'm going to get some mechanical, technical reason why, said, "No, why?"  He said, "I just said a prayer.  I told Heavenly Father that you don't have any money to fix the window and only have $11 in your wallet.  I told him we were freezing and asked him to please roll up the window.  As soon as I said Amen, it went up".  I was sooo touched!  Logan has always been known in the family, for having his prayers answered.  He's such a special, sweet boy!  I am so honored to be his Mommy.

my lil brother is married

This past weekend, my "baby" brother got married to Ginger Scalese of Maryland.  The first time I met Ginger was the day before the wedding!  So crazy!  Even though we didn't get a chance to really talk or get to know eachother, Ginger seems like a great fit for Curtiss ... and keeps him in check!  She's a great addition to the Kuhn Family and I can't wait to get to know her better over the Thanksgiving weekend, in Cali.

Welcome to the Kuhn Clan, Ginger ... and congrats, Curtiss!  I am so happy for you!

Friday, November 12, 2010

uncle casey's

For Veteran's Day, we went to my brother's house in Laveen.  The kids enjoyed the workout room ... so did Heath!  The kids were hams, walking around the house, trying to do tasks, tied up together.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

gingerbread houses & the lil things

We went to CVS for other things and came home with a Gingerbread House!  I love that my kiddos are so into creative and artistic activities!  Addi {again, being creative} had a great idea to put the floor fan, pointing upward and put a balloon above it so it would float!  Super fun.  The kids put several balloons above the fan and created a solar system.  Amazing, how the small things can make for hours of entertainment.  I love it & its sooo fun to watch them discover different uses for every day things, that I would have NEVER thought about.


Monday, November 01, 2010

to my family

I love my family so much!!  Heath, Logan, Kaiden and Addi {and Sarge} are my world!!  Each of them makes me so happy for different reasons!!  I don't know if I tell them enough what makes them unique to me.

Logan - I love you for your sensativity and love for your dogs, cars, cards from grandparents, baby pictures....anything sentimental!  You are so creative and imaginiative; I just know you're going to use it to your advantage in the future.  I love that you're my "best bud" and that you tell me you like it when I call you "muscles"; when asking for help & "bud" in  everyday life.  I love that you like to be "the man of the house" when Heath is gone and you really do try to take care of me.  You will forever be my lil man!!

Kaiden - you are a BLAST & so funny!!  You are my favorite kiddo to take shopping; grocery, clothes ... ANYTHING!  You never ask "how much longer are we going to be doing this?" or make me pay you for running errands with me.  You're just so fun to hang out with!  You love to try and scare me and it has become our little game to see who can scare who the most.  You always win!  I love how sweet and caring you are, especially to Logan & Addi.  You are THE BEST step-son a step-mom could ask for!!  Oh!  And another favorite thing about you ... you are a REALLY good singer {just like your Dad} and you pick up harmony parts and you can quote ANY kids movie; word for word!  Oh!  And you're a good eater.  My list just goes on and on!

Addison - you are THE best daughter...EVER, hands down!!  I am so beyond lucky to have been chosen as your Mommy!  I am not kidding for one minute when I say that you have every quality I wish I had; confidence in who you are and your capabilities, love for nature, free spirit, love for learning, love for everyone, creativity in the arts.  You are beautiful, inside & out!  So are hilarious and have such a good sense of humor - you definitely keep us laughing.  You are so athletic and competitive.  You are truly my best friend.  I couldn't possibly love you any more than I do this very moment.

Sarge - you really are my most favorite dog I've EVER had!  You are 7 months old now and love to chase and chew on empty water bottles and you love small dogs better than big dogs.  When we go to the dog park, you would rather go around to all the people, than play with the other dogs.  Your favorite kid is Addi.  You love when the kids come home.  You will sleep in front of their doors, until they wake up.  You definitely listen to Dad better than me.

Heath - I don't even know where to begin.  I don't think I could possibly express to you how much love I have for you.  You are my soul mate.  You are my best friend.  You are so amazing in every thing you do and everything you are.  I am so thankful for influence you are to Logan & Addi and the way you treat me, so the kids can see what a real relationship is supposed to be like.  I love that you open my door for me; house, car, restaurant ... any door ... even though I always try to beat ya to it.  ha ha.  My favorite time of the day is hearing you open the door, at 10pm, when you get off work.  I LOVE cuddling with you, catching up about the day and hanging out!  I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.