Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I was having a hard day today ... just tired and missing kids so Mom, Mel and I went shopping. Check out what I did for $3.95!! We found a cute little fabric store downtown ....

10 - 1/2 yard ribbon pieces + 5 barretts = $3.95
... an hour later ...

a little more editing

Just finishing up some editing from our trip yesterday. Here are some of my faves ...

C and Mel

landscape scenery

and a fam shot at our FAVE eatery!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Today we went to Yosemite. Oh, we had fun!! It was CHILLY, but so much fun. It was Melanie's first time: always fun to take a first timer to Yosemite. It's sooo beautiful there. My Dad asked my Mom to marry him there. Awww. So romantic! :)

Here are some of my favorite shots!

my FAVE aunt kathy

Me and Aunt Kathy have always been close! Always.

Tonight we went to pick up my new car ... a lifted Blazer ... and gave Mel a tour of her garage. She is a race car driver, mechanic, mom and best friend!! My Uncle died about 5 years ago, so this is all hers. She's my fave country gal!

Here are some of her toys ...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

my fave homes

After dinner tonight (DELISH MOM!!!) - Me, Mom and my cousin Sammy went to my FAVE neighborhood to take some pictures so you 'yall can see where I call home. Some of these homes belong to friends ... sorry friends ... this is for journaling purposes! :)

One of our friends cats joined us for a few minutes on our walk.
Isn't he/she cute? One blue eye, one green.

Due to earthquakes, the older neighborhoods have sidewalks that look like this:

A FAVE past time of mine and Curtiss':
rake the Liquid Amber Tree leaves into HUGE piles and jump in them!

C and Me

Friday, December 26, 2008

I am in CALI!!! I am having so much fun hanging out with my parents and seeing family! The second I walked into my parents home, I started taking pictures of my favorite things about my parents home. My mom has always made our home a special place to be.


I {heart} my parent's RED front door
(red is my fave color)

No matter the holiday, the house is DECKED with decorations!

the piano I grew up playing

My folks are known for their homemade Christmas trees
(what a fun project they do as a married couple)

Me, Curtiss, Sammy and Chris
(my cousins I am closest to)
PS ... Sammy is actually taller than me - I wore TALLL shoes!!

christmas get together & temple lights

These pics are from a Christmas get together at Grandma Sandra's and Papa .. then a trip down the street to see the lights at the Temple.

Allie, Tessa, Kenna and Treven

Kenna and Tessa

Me, C and Mel
Yes! Me and C are singing.

Grandma Sandra, Ian and Treven

Breck, Nan and Allie

trip to cali

This morning we (me, C and Mel) left for CALI at 4am!!! The drive went by waaaay quicker than expected. C drove at some pretty high speeds and made a new family record - TEN HOURS!!! Nice work, C. Glad I slept through most of it.

Tehachapi Pass

getting close to home ... almond trees as far as you can see

Me and Sammy (my fave cuz)
she's 13 and WAAAAY taller than me!

my FAVE neighborhood!
if I ever were to move back to t-town, I wouldn't settle less than this neighborhood!

go bulldogs!

Monday, December 22, 2008

goodbye stitches ... hello boot

WOW! My phone takes pretty good pics! Who would have known!?

Well, this is my best friend for the next month! I can't tell you how good it feels to finally be able to WALK WITHOUT PAIN!! YAY! No broken bones, but the Podiatrist thinks there is ligament or tendon damage so I get an MRI on Wednesday afternoon on my foot and ankle. I said, "phew no broken bones" he said, "NOOO!! It's worse! Damage to tendons or ligaments = surgery". Sigh. Oh well .... it is what it is. I just want to be able to wear a shoe again!!! I have some cute ones that are missing out!

Tonight I am going to hang with Curtiss & Mel and the LeSueur Fam ... but before I do ... I have dug into Kara's YUUUUUMY cinnamon bread! A fave of mine since I met Kara a few years ago. She's so good at baking bread. For the last few years, I have looked forward to her Christmas bread! THANKS KARA!!!! I needed this tonight!

The house is so quiet without Logan & Addi. Gosh, I miss them sooo much! I am looking forward to going to Cali this weekend with C and Mel. Not really looking forward to the 12 hour drive with Curtiss (just kidding, bro), but I AM excited to see Mom, Dad, Yosemite, snow and ... my cousins, Aunt and Grandpa.

Little do the LeSueur's know, since I am now an honorary member of their family, I am bringing the camera!!! Sorry LeSueur's!! That's what you get with me in your fam! :) Lucky for me, the love documenting get togethers!

Pics to come ....