Monday, February 28, 2011

going pro

I am so proud of my lil man! He's getting so good at riding his bike and doing jumps!  So cool!!


Logan - don't look TOO thrilled to be taking pictures

Aunt Shannon asked Addi to "strike a pose" ... this is what she got.

Yes dude ... you're cool! ;)

I love my girl, Shannon!!  Such an awesome friend!

Me and Ads on the ski lift with Shannon ... going on a run together.

The goods

On our way home, we stopped by The Ranch to say hi to Aunt Deb and Uncle Rob.  Had to capture Logan's favorite sign on The Ranch.

Every year, the squad goes to Greer for a "guy's weekend".  Heath is the Head Honcho when it comes to planning this trip, each year.  This year, Heath wanted to make it a family trip.  I'm so glad he did.  We all had a blast!  It was beyond special to watch the kids ski & snowboard!  I'm so glad my child support money is going to good ski lessons, in Utah and Tahoe, for Logan and Addi.  :)  They paid off. Logan went down the Terrain Park {Black Diamond} and Addi was doing Blue's! 

Shannon and Addi skied together and Logan hung out with me and Heath, boarding.  Rob & Ryan hit the Casino.  Mary, Chelsea and Kenna hung out boarding together; trying to tackle the bunny hill and Lisa stayed home with B and made us a SUPER yummy dinner. 

We played two nights of "Catch Phrase".  It was so much fun!  Logan was hilarious at it and really good.  It was fun to watch his little wheels turn - so creative!  We are all so competitive; it made it so much fun and entertaining. 

We have such wonderful friends.  I am so thankful for them!  Us girls are hopin' the boys will let us tag along next year, too!

to my munchkins ... with love.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

photo challenges

I love a good challenge.  I love winning.  Which can make for some "fun" discussions in our house.  Logan, Addi and Kaiden are all head strong, too. 

Anyway, my friend Becky, does a photo challenge on her blog at times.  I have never entered (I don't check it often enough to submit in time, or I would) but I thought it would be fun to try and catch up and participate.  The most recent was "at work".  I am sooo bummed I missed this one.  I have THE best picture and THE hardest working man.  I bet I would have won!!!  No questions about it.

Here is Heath, searching an illegal, before he gets deported.  I am soo proud of my Love.

Friday, February 18, 2011

you know you're parents are awesome when ..

your boyfriend says, "I'd love for your parents to move to Arizona, I have the best in-laws ever."

I am seriously thankful for my parents and all they have done for me and my sweet little family.  They are so supportive and my biggest fans! No matter what I have done, they always remind me that I am a great mom and that my kiddos are lucky to be my children.  Lately, it's been a huge struggle with CPS and the kids' father.  Abuse & neglect.  I am so heart broken and doing everything I possibly can to get my sweet babes back to my home, where they belong.  Yesterday, I was having a hard day and my mom told me, "Heath has your back, Jenny.  He supports you and believes in you.  You have never had that before."  I've NEVER had my parents feel that way about any man I've been with.  I'm so thankful my parents and Heath/Kaiden get along so well and love each other like they do.

I could not ask for a better example of a true, loving relationship. My parents are best friends.  My mom tells you like it is and my dad is the softy.  Mom & Dad - thank you for always being there for me {even though I haven't been the easiest kid}.  I hope I can be half the parent to Logan & Addi!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


MY NEW RIDE!!!!  Last weekend we traded in the Blaze for a more fuel effeciant car ... and definitely WAY cuter and more me!  I seriously love our new Scion!  Logan & Addi actually picked it out!  We had test drove a Nissan Altima Coupe and a Toyota Camery, but weren't sold on either.  After test driving the Camery, Logan and Addi were checking out the Scion.  Logan said, "What about this one?"  Both Heath and I weren't so sure.  We thought it was a teenager's type of car, but decided to test drive it anyway.  WE WERE HOOKED!!!! 

Logan & Addi's fave thing - the space!  They love how big it is, inside.  Since they spend so much time in the car, traveling, this was super important to them.

Mine and Heath's fave thing - the auxillary port/ ipod/iphone hookup so I can listen to Pandora AND talk on the phone through the stereo speakers!  It's hard driving a manual, while talking on the phone!  Heath loves this too, cause I can't text & drive any more.  And the gas mileage comes in a close second!

We can't wait to show Kaiden his new ride, too!  We think he'll love it! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

keeping up with the times

Did anyone else notice the sayings on the candy hearts this year?  "Diva", "Text Me", "LOL", "My Girlz", "Drama Queen", "Posh" ... and the list continues.

When I was putting together the kids' valentine's for school, I couldn't help but feel old.

Monday, February 14, 2011


I was taking some pictures outside and my lil buddy was watching me ... I had to snap a few photos. 

love you, Sarge

bieber fever!

I was able to take Addi on a Mommy-Daughter date to see the new Justin Bieber movie, in 3D. It was sooo much fun!  She's growing up so fast and into such big girl things. 

Heath bought Addi a new necklace that is sooo her style and I bought Addi a JB tee.  She was thrilled!

I love you, Addi ... with all my heart!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

school valentine's - check

Last year, I made the kids' Valentine's tag with their pictures {you can see them here}.  Logan was interested in a girl at school and she wasn't into him, as much as he was into her, so she took his Valentine's tag, ripped it up and gave it back to him.  Needless to say, by the end of the year, they were "dating".  I was heart broken.  He brought it home and I wanted to talk to this young lady ... but held back. ha ha

This year, I tried to really made the kids' Valentine's tags, reflect who they are.  Addi is lovin' Black/White/Pink right now and Logan learned how to snowboard this year.

Although I am not a huge fan of Valentine's Day, I do love making Valentine's Day gifts for the kiddos, to take to school.  The kids haven't seen them yet ... hopin' they like them as much as I do.


Monday, February 07, 2011

engagement shoot for a VERY special couple!

I was sooo beyond honored when Heath's cousin, Mike and his Fiance, Shelby asked if I would take their engagement pictures and shoot their wedding.  I had a BLAST taking this adorable couple's pictures {not to mention I had THE BEST assistant ever helping me}.  I seriously adore these two and I am so thankful to be a part of such an awesome family!  YAY for love!!

Congrats Mike and Shelby!  Love you two!

addi and suzanne

letters from las vegas

Heath got home the other night and said, "Babe! We just got the best piece of mail!!"  It was a letter from Kaiden!!! Turns out, it was a school project.  We were so excited to get a letter from him and we are going to write him back, this weekend AND send a little Valentine's package.

i am convinced

I am convinced Sarge is THE most spoiled and loved dog, e-v-e-r!  This afternoon, I took him to the Dog Park for an hour.  It was warmer outside, so he got tired quickly.  He had wrestled around with his buds, Simba {pit bull/lab mix} and Burley {standard poodle} and was a mess!!  When we got home, I attempted to give him a bath, with the hose, in the back yard.  He would not even come close to me.  I let him in the house and told him he had to take a bath.  He ran into our bathroom and hopped in the shower.  He laid down and enjoyed his shower.  Afterwards, he ran around for a little, drying off, then jumped into our bed and snuggled in the sun, under our blanket.

He's such a sweet pup.  I couldn't imagine our home and family without him.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

addi's sweet notes to heath

Addi loves sending Heath sweet notes on Doodle Buddy {iPhone app}.  I was looking through the pictures on my phone today and came across this one.  I love it!

Friday, February 04, 2011

supercross - found 'em!

Thanks to Alan for letting us borrow his super awesome binoculars!

Can you see the rider jumping super high?

Addi caught an accident in motion!  Nice work, sister!

The rider we were rooting for came in 2nd.  He was in a serious accident and broke both legs, but still rode!
I finally found the "lost" Supercross pictures!  I saved them in a weird spot.  Here's a few!

superstitions hike with gpa and jake

on our way back to the car {me and the kids}, we found this - the inside of a Saguro.  The kids wanted to take it home ... I didn't want to get arrested.

A few weeks we went on a hike, up the Superstitions, with Grandpa Goodman and Uncle Jake.  The kiddos didn't make it very far, so I took them home and the boys finished the hike ... including the pup.  He loooves long hikes {so do I, it wears him out}.


This is Baxter & Sarge.  Baxter is a Chihuahua, that belongs to our good friends, Ben and Meghan.  He and Sarge have THE exact same markings!  Sarge loves Baxter but doesn't realize how big he is, when he's playing with him.  He loves to chase Baxter and hop over him.  It's hilarious to watch!!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

to diet or not to diet ....

A co worker has an app on his iPod ... you can see what you would look like it you were fat.  This was definitely ALL I needed to see, to know that I want to stay just the way I am!!