Wednesday, December 29, 2010

to my baby girl

Dear Addi,
You have been becoming more girlie lately!  With FOUR older brothers, I am honestly shocked at this new fascination with makeup and fake nails!  Since Christmas at Grandpa Goodman's, you have been putting on makeup every day.  I am excited for this new change.  I'm hoping it'll spill into your opinion about getting your hair cut & styled, too.  {hint hint} 

The picture above is from Kohls.  I had some shopping to do and left you alone in the makeup/perfume section for a short time.  This is what I came back to.  You were in heaven and smelt yummy!  It reminds me of me when I was little.  Papa used to roll down the windows cause I used to smell VERY strong, after visiting a store that had perfume. 

With the cooler weather, you are also wearing your favorite boots every chance you get.  The picture above is from the grocery store last night.  You took off your shoes in the car, then in a hurry to put them back on and left them this way, while grocery shopping.  I never thought I'd be "one of those moms" that lets their kids look like this in public.  BUT ... I didn't have the heart to tell how silly it may look to others; while I think it's adorable and totally is YOU!  You have always had this love of boots.  Uma and Papa have bought you a nice pair of boots, every year since you could walk. 

You got a lot of money for Christmas, from your Dad's house.  It was fun to see what you spent your money on.  I didn't influence you, in any way and let you choose whatever you wanted.  You spent your last $3.75 on a Tall Mocha Frap w/ Whip from Starbucks!  I love hearing you order this, on your own and watching the Bartista double check with me to make sure they heard your order right.  It's your fave drink.  Don't worry ... your secret is safe with me.

I am so thankful to be your mom.  You make me so happy and I love watching you grow up and get your own little personality.  You are my best friend!


Monday, December 27, 2010

thank you

A HUGE thank you to everyone who made 2010's Christmas so very special for our family!!

Thursday, December 23 and Saturday, December 25
Great-Grandma Jean, Aunt Dale, Aunt Donna, Uncle Jim, John and Uncle Mike:
Thank you for all the gifts!  We loved spending time with you before Christmas and on Christmas Day!  I think everyone's favorite part about Christmas at Grandma's is playing outside with Aunt Dale and Aunt Donna, with the new toys!  A new favorite ... trying new foods?  Probably not!  ha ha

Thursday, December 23
Grandpa Goodman {Sam}, Great-Grandma Goodman, Angie, Jim, Lindsey, Cody, Jenny & Jake:

Thank you for the gifts and yummy dinner!  It was fun to get together and see Sam's new pad.  The kids had fun playing together and playing hide and go seek in Grandpa's house.  My favorite gift is the tile we got from Sam which a very special and meaningful saying by Thomas S. Monson - "The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live it."  I can't wait to put it up on our new house.  Also, we told Grandma Goodman about our promise and upcoming wedding.  She was in tears.  She said it made her very happy to hear we were getting married.  My heart melted!

Friday, December 24
Great-Grandma Morris, Grandma Goodman {Debbie}

Thank you for getting all of us together for such a delish dinner and fun games!  Our favorite was the animal game ... even though we all lost.  The Christmas tree game was a blast too!  Grandma did awesome!   We also told Grandma Morris we were getting married soon.  She too, was in tears and was very excited for us.

Saturday, December 25
Grandma Goodman {Debbie}, Jake, Cody, Jenny, Jim & Lindsey

Thank you for such a good Christmas morning.   We love all of our gifts and love our family tradition of Christmas morning breakfast & presents, together. 

Saturday, December 25
Grandma Ruth {a very close and dear friend}
Thank you for the fun Christmas Night visit and dinner! Chinnese food for Christmas dinner?  Works for us!  We always love visiting with you and sharing stories ... and catching up!  I hope that in 2011, we can do better at visiting and catching up more often, especially since we'll be living closer to you.

Heath - thank you for working so hard for our family and making sure we had a special Christmas!  It was one of my favorites and can't wait for many more together!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


We had A BLAST in Cabo!!  It was THE most perfect way to ring in my 30th birthday!  Heath & Bryan are my bestest friends!  We have so much fun together.  Thanks boys, for such a FABULOUS birthday!!!

eating 24 hour pizza on our balcony

Bryan's ready just in case we sink

the slide ... a SLIDE on  a boat!!??  Very cool!!

THE yummiest drink ... and it's a biggie bank, too! The kids' loved it!

Bry - getting ready for snorkeling

our boat in the background

Lover's Beach

Our crew for our Off Shore excursion ... so fun!  They were doing YMCA!

Getting ready to go Para Sailing!  SOOOOOO AMAZING!!!

presents at grandma jeans and eating dead fish

Addi doing Grandma Jean's present

Grandma Jean's present from Addi

Playing Tic Tac Toe at Grandma Jean's ... the kids' fave game!

Yep! Those are DEAD fish ... fried!!

Addi ... eating the dead fish!

Addi and Uncle Mike

The kiddos eyeing the gifts!
Addi is seriously THE most competitive child I know!  She cannot turn down a challenge!  Uncle Mike came home with "Italian French Fries", which turned out to be fried Smelt.  Heath told Addi she'd pay her $2 if she ate one.  She did.  Popped it in her mouth and got her two bucks!  Then Uncle Mike offered another $2 for another fish.  Of course she did it!  Crazy, crazy gal!

Addi made a super sweet gift for Grandma with all the reasons why she loves her!  Grandma loved it!

decorating the christmas tree and silly pictures

We had such a fun time decorating the Christmas tree then watching Despicable Me and having ice cream and pop corn.  Kaiden and Addi LOVE the camera; taking pictures and using the tripod.  The kids loved telling us how they wanted us posed and snapping away.  Here are some pictures of our fun evening!

talented friends

I have an amazing friend who is a photographer and mother and sooo oober talented.  She has THE coolest creations.  Above is her latest - it's a camera strap cover for digital SLR's!!!  You give her the colors you want and she comes up with an amazing creation, that is totally YOU!!  This one above, is mine! :)  I seriously cannot wait for it to come in the mail and start using it!!

If you'd like your own, you can contact Darby by emailing her at

Thanks Darby!  I seriously adore you and can't thank you enough! 

choices and consequences

I have always believed that my kiddos should be able to make their own decisions {within reason, of course}, but with their decisions come consequences.  Up until now, the decisions the kids have had to made haven't been "big" ones ... but the time has now come that the kids are faced with more grown up choices.

This past week, Logan was given the choice to spend a few days with us {me, Heath, Kaiden and Addi} to cecelebrate Christmas and Kaiden's birthday or spend those days at his dad's house with his step-cousins.  He chose his step-cousins.  I was crushed!!  We had 4 Christmas' to attend {including our own} AND Kaiden's birthday lunch at Chuck E Cheese and he turned them down.  I was shocked.  Floored.  Sad.  Pissed.  I had so many emotions for those few days, they are indescribable.  Kaiden was crushed ... which made me so disappointed in Logan's choice.  I've never been so disappointed in one of my kiddos.

This morning, we picked up the kids for their week with us.  Kaiden didn't have to leave for Vegas for a few more hours, so it gave us a few hours together; which was sooo important for Kaiden.  Heath and I took Logan aside and had a heart to heart and I feel like we made some progress.

A couple hours later, me and the kids are walking into Kohls and Kaiden asks Logan, "Logan, be honest with me.  Do you like your cousins better or me, as a friend?"  Logan said, "Dude.  I love you as a brother and I'm really sorry I hurt your feelings."  I was sooo proud of my lil man.

I know this is the first of many situations we are going to face and having the "brick wall", known as the kids' father, influencing his decisions.  I am soooo thankful for Heath and the positive influence in Logan & Addi's life.  Kaiden, Logan and Addi are so blessed to have such an amazing father!  

the boys at Mojo's in Tempe {our FAAAAVE yogurt place}

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a love note

Heath sent this to me today! How cute is this?? Gotta love iPhones!

Thanks Love!!!

jealous pup

Sarge is THE biggest wiggle worm .. and THE heaviest!!  When Heath and I lay next to eachother or give eachother hugs, he's in the middle.  Heath and I were watching TV, laying on the living room floor and Sarge plopped right in the middle and fell asleep.  Every morning when I leave for work, Sarge takes over my spot in bed and snuggles with Heath. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

family picture outtakes

I love these!!  These are some of our outtakes in trying to take family pictures, using the tripod.  It took us a while to figure out how the shutter speed works ... obviously!  lol

Notice how Logan & Addi the ones running each time.  Kaiden's such a good kiddo!

kaiden and sarge

It looks like we aren't the only ones lovin' Kaiden being home!!  Heath caught Sarge laying on top of Kaiden while he was sleeping on the couch!! 

Monday, December 20, 2010


Heath bought me the most beautiful promise ring this weekend!  Some of you heard and saw that I got a promise ring from him, while we were on our cruise to Cabo.  It turned out to be a typical Mexico product and fell apart pretty quick.  lol. 

I love this one and I am so proud to wear it!  Thanks babe! I love it ... and I love you!!