Wednesday, June 17, 2009

to addi

Dearest Addi,
You are growing up waaaay too fast, sister!! You are into texting Kiana right now and asking if you can have a cell phone, JUST so you can text her over the summer!! Your most recent text to her was my favorite! You wrote:

"I love you Kiana i now that you now that!!! And i now wuts 5+5=10 yaa you noow that!!! And 20+20=40 did you now that?"

While golfing last weekend, Mike told me how much alike you and I are, in our mannerisms and they way we talk. I was so flattered! Uma used to tell me how much she wanted to be like me ... I didn't get it. Guess what, I "got it" now ... I find myself wanting to be JUST LIKE YOU!!

I love you, sweet Ads!!

addi's first book

Addi wrote her first book. This kiddo has such a great artistic mind.

These are her pages, in order. My favorite page? Her dedication page ... it's to me! :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

back to iraq: dbacks game

For our family time with Curtiss, we went to a Dbacks game. We lost (booo) but still had a super fun time!! We took the train again. Sooo much fun.

the boys side of the train

the girls side of the train

we were up higher than last time

Lifehouse played on the field after the game.
We stayed for 2 songs :)

back to iraq: adults golfing

We just found out this past week that my baby brother, Curtiss, is going back to Iraq and reports on July 11. He leaves for GA on July 3rd ... we're gonna miss him! So ... this weekend went spent some good, quality time with him as adults and as a family before he leaves.

For our adult time, we went to a golf course in South Phoenix. It was a beautiful course. We played teams: me and Heath v Curtiss and Mike (Curtiss' best friend). I had to leave early to get the kiddos, but we still ended up tying (nice work, babe).