Tuesday, January 27, 2009

from the weekend

I had a wonderful weekend!! Heath and I stayed pretty busy!

Friday night we saw Mall Cop. I don't recommend it. Not so funny. After the movies we hooked up with Ginger and Lora (Heath's friends) at a sushi joint in Scottsdale. They are always fun to hang out with.

Saturday we ....

Started our day with a photo shoot. LOOOOVE the Williamson Family!!!

Went to the driving range

Hung out in downtown Tempe ....

and hiked "A" mountain (ok, more like a hill)

(hello airplane)
we then met up with my brother and ... umm ... yeah, we're dorks!!

Last night I made no bake, frozen recess peices butter cups. They were sooo yummy!!!

Back to reality ... work, homework, housework ...


Monday, January 26, 2009

sweet m

Remember this sweet babe??? I had the HONOR of taking more pictures of this little sweetheart, this weekend.

This picture was taken at 6 days old.

NOW look at her at 4 months old!! Still just as adorable as ever!!! I seriously love this little gal!

Tish and Mark - THANK YOU for having me take pictures of your sweet family! I had so much fun and I am so thankful you have allowed me to be a part of your lives.

Friday, January 23, 2009

my new start just keeps getting better

Well, my friends ... meet my newest baby!!! I am soooo excited (and a little in love - I must be honest) with my new ride!! Last night I continued with my NEW START on life and bought this awesome Trail Blazer!! I seriously love it. The kids are going to be thrilled!! Heath went with me to help pick it out and talk to the Salesmen! THANKS BABE!!!

Life just keeps getting better every day!!

Yesterday I got an email from Mark's wife asking for a scheduling favor. It's sooo nice to think at some point Mark, MarKaa and I will have a "normal" divorced situation!! With real communication and all! This is the first time MarKaa and I have communicated. Way cool!!

This weekend we are continuing to pack Heath up for his big move next week. A little golfing is also on the agenda!

Tomorrow I am taking family pictures for Tisha and Mark (and sweet babe McKinnley). I am way excited to see them - such an awesome little family! Pictures to come ...

Until then - HAPPY FRIDAY ya'll!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


We looove Joe's Farm Grill. Not only do they have THE best burgers around, I love taking family's there for pictures. You can't beat their property; there are lots of options!!

Yesterday after school, I took Logan & Addi there for a milkshake. Yuuum!! It was our last night together - seeing that today is "every other" Thursday ... they go to Mark's today for the weekend. Sigh. I will miss them!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

look what I can do!!!!

Yesterday was the first time in over a month that I could put on tennis shoes!!!! They are all laced up and everything!! It was still a little uncomfortable walking, so the laces were super loose ... but they are ON!!!!

YAY for progress!!!!!

turf paradise

On Saturday, we took the kiddos to Turf Paradise in Phoenix. It was our first time at a horse race. It was soooo much fun!!!

sunglasses required

off to the park before the races begin

enjoying the tractor being sooo close before the races begin
(pure boy)

waiting for Heath & Logan getting lunch

cheering on the yellow, SASSY horse

SHE WON!!!!!

the kids loved the inflatible slides

and the pony rides

our little cowgirl ... with one hand!

Monday, January 19, 2009

meet my man

Thanks to my little photographer, Logan, I was able to get a picture of me and Heath.
(Thanks Logan!!!)

I have promised myself to NEVER live a double life again!! I have done it for two marriages now. When the truth comes out I feel embarrassed and ashamed for lying to my family and friends.

So ... with that said ... THIS IS HEATH!! We are officially dating exclusively. I've heard the warning: "go slow". We are. We are on the 2 year plan!! Neither of us want to rush anything and want to be sure that if "this is it", it's going to last forever and not just a year or two. Neither of us wants to be hurt again, either.

I've never met someone quite like Heath. He's so much like my Dad, it's unreal. I've never dated someone like him; it's so different than any other relationship I've ever been in.

enjoys going with me to take pictures of the kids - just because he gets to spend time with me.
likes to watch chick flicks with me while eating ice cream.
likes hanging out at home (I don't have to entertain him).
opens my car door every time.
appreciates my cooking - no matter what it is; he's just thankful that I cook.
thinks I'm a good mom and compliments me on the way Logan and Addi have turned out so far. respects Mark as Logan & Addi's father.
invites me to have dinner with him while on duty - even if I'm in my running clothes.
thinks I'm beautiful without makeup on.

... the list just continues.

I've never been happier. I am truly happy!

A little bit about Heath:
born and raised in Chandler, AZ - on a dairy farm.
he is a DPS Officer (Highway Patrol).
has been a Police Officer for 9 years.
has a 6 yr old son, Kaiden, who lives in Las Vegas.
1 sister, 2 brothers - he is the oldest.
lives in Scottsdale - but moving to Chandler next week to be closer to me & his family.

Thank you Heath for the best relationship I've ever been in!! I am looking forward to seeing where we go together!!

addi at freestone park

Last Thursday we took the kiddos to Freestone Park after school. We brought their scooters and Logan's fishing pole. It was such a relaxing afternoon! Of course, Miss Addi made friends instantly with this sweet little girl named Brooklyn.

Logan made friends with teenagers ... stay tuned for pictures!!

rock band

We had A BLAST on Friday night at Joey & Kara's! Pizza, wings, Rock Band and AWESOME friends!!! What more could you ask for???!!!

Thanks for one of the funnest nights in a LOOONG time, Newbern's!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

what we've been up to

WOW! I have soo much to catch you all up on!!!

While the kiddos were gone, Heath and I were able to spend a lot of time together. I met his best friend for the first time. I was a little intimidated, but as we were hanging out she passed this note across the table to me:

We went to another friend's house for the Cardinals game then went to Westwood High for some volleyball with his sister and her friends. I was so bummed I couldn't play but had a blast watching from the benches.

Monday came and I had butterflies ALL day (I always do on these days) ... I got the kiddos back!!!!

We had tons of errands when the kiddos came back so I treated them to a surprise dinner ... at KRISPY KREME!!! (Logan's too busy looking at some sign)

Yesterday we stayed after school and played with Emma and Owen - Addi and Logan's super close friends. Emma and Addi kept sneaking off. Karen (their mom) and I thought we finally got them trapped when they decided to play in the bike racks ...

We were sooo wrong. We got to talking again and couldn't find Emma and Addi. They were hiding in a ditch, playing with rocks!

This morning, Addi was showing off her new "talent", as she calls it. She can cross her eyes! She says, "I am special because I can do this...."

I have the kiddos this weekend so I am hoping to take lots of pictures. I've heard about a cool location in Scottsdale so I think we'll check it out!! Stay tuned ... :)

An update on my leg -
There is nerve damage. I am on steroids and nerve calming meds for the next 4 months. I see the dr in 3 weeks to check up on the meds and how they are doing. After that, he'll start scheduling physical therapy so I can start running again at some point this year. My goal is to do the Sprint Tri in Anthem, in September!!! Thank you for all your prayers, emails and phone calls!!! I love you all ... very much and feel so thankful for such awesome friends and family.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

moments in time

The BEST part of taking pictures is capturing the REAL moments! They are my FAVE shots. So natural. Real feelings. Real emotion. Real personalities.

Here are some of my fave REAL shots from the Penrod's last weekend. None of these were posed ... nobody knew I was even shooting yet! These are the best!!!

Enjoy as much as I do!!