Saturday, June 25, 2011

dbacks and mojos!

Last year we didn't make it to too many Dbacks games and when this season came around, we realized how much we missed our traditions!

First .... we eat at Mojo's on Mill!  If you don't know what Mojo's is, you can read all about it here.  THE most amazing yogurt, e-v-e-r!!! 

The kids love that they can watch kiddo movies while eating their yogurts and smoothies.

Next - TRAIN RIDE from Tempe to Chase Field!

Found our "normal" seats!!  Way up in Section 332

Can't miss out on the batting cages!! 
This year we had a new family member join the picture. Ha!

This was the first time we had ever saw the bobblehead players!

The Fam! 

This year, the fireworks had a mishap and we are hoping this isn't the last year of fireworks!
We always try to go to the games with fireworks afterwards!

Friday, June 24, 2011

where I get the passion from

On Easter, this year, my Aunt Donna brought over all of Grandpa Kuhn's old slides.  I guess he was passionate about photography, too, and took pictures ALL the time.  I wish he was still alive so I could chat with him about what camera and film was like 'back in the day', but he passed away when I was 9.  It was so fun to see pictures of my Dad and Aunts as children and what they did for family events and how they celebrated holidays.  Some of my favorite pictures were the portraits he took of my Dad.  I couldn't believe how much Logan looks like my Dad.  It was also fun to see my Grandpa's perspective on simply every day things; like getting a box of peaches and photographing it.  It was also so fun to see Logan & Addi doing this Papa did, when he was their age like Scouts and painting.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

miss adele

In some ways, I miss my sweet Addi being this age.  This is Adele.  Her mommy and daddy are good friends of ours and mommy asked if I would take Adele's pictures for daddy and grandpa's!  Kaiden was such a good helper!

house fire and daddy day pictures

June 15 was a crazy day!  I'll spare all the details.  The highlight was capturing amazing images of the kiddos, for Father's Day and the sadness was watching a neighboring home go up in flames.  We saw some thick, black smoke down the street and went to check it out (yep, we are "those" people).  So sad.  Thankfully, the home was empty while the owners were remodeling.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

most talented mom & uma

My mom always comes up with the most cleaver ideas!  In her Stake, she's known for making blessing dresses.  She recently told me that she has gotten a little more official with her dresses and is now including a garment bag (that she also makes).  Yesterday, Addi's Baptism dresses (yes, two of them for her to choose from) arrived and I was so impressed when I opened the box and saw the homemade bags, too!

Mom - you are so talented and I'm so thankful you share your talents with others (especially me) and taught me how to share my talents with others!!  Addi will be sooo excited to see her dresses!

Monday, June 13, 2011

a special bond

One will start and if the other is home .. will join in.  Without a doubt!  I love watching these two play the piano together and the special bond they have.  What's even more special to me is the special bond they have, playing the piano, is that it's the piano I have had since I was Addison's age and learned to play on.  I'm so thankful my parents kept this old, out of tune piano all these years!  I am speechless when it comes to my gratitude for Heath and the loving father he is.

just waiting ...

As soon as flights are paid for, the kids ask, "How many more days til Kaiden comes?"  We have learned our lesson and now wait for about a week before he arrives, before we tell Logan & Addi. 

Addi was so excited to show Kaiden the 'Baby Hatch' app on my phone.  You take a face picture of a girl and a face picture of a boy, then it scans eyes, nose, lips, etc to "make" a baby.  They went crazy and before you know it, they were taking pictures of two different dogs to see what kind of baby they would "make"!

Kaiden's flight was almost an hour late and our plans were to leave for White Mountains as soon as he arrived.  We ended up going home to finish packing, before heading out at 11:30pm.  Logan got so wound up, he had to do a breathing treatment before the road trip.  The kids hopped up on our bed, turned on Wizards of Waverly Place, opened some Funyons & white chocolate pretzels and hung out until Heath and I were ready to leave.  Sarge was soooo happy to have all of his munchkins home!

Here are some pictures from Kaiden's arrival on Thursday, June 9!

keepin' an eye on Flight 294!  45 minutes late ...

can you tell we are used to the airport?

LOVE the smile on these boys!

Logan & Kaiden's baby on "Baby Hatch" app.

Logan was being sooo silly!  Not sure what they put in his water at Starbucks

Addi and Kaiden "making" a baby on 'Baby Hatch' app

Addi and Kaiden's "baby"

Logan was so excited and wound up, he had to do a breathing treatment before leaving for White Mountains

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

flat tire

Kara and Joey were soooo awesome to let us borrow their pop up so we wouldn't have to sleep on the ground, for the Morris Reunion, this upcoming weekend. Heath and I picked up the trailer on Monday evening and on the way home, one of the tires popped. Heath called Dispatch and asked for a unit, with a jack, to come help us. Our friend, Val, came to our rescue; luckily it was a slow night so she and I just chatted while Heath changed the tire. :)

I love that Heath stays so calm in situations like these, it makes me totally calm, too because I know he'll take care of whatever problem we have.

sarge loves his kids!

It is so crazy to me that some people are so afraid of Sarge.  I get that he's huge and a "scarey breed" {although I don't think there is such a thing}.  Sarge loves the kids sooo much and misses them like crazy when they are not home.  During the day, he'll sleep by the front door and during the night, he sleeps next to my side of the bed, but lately, he's been sleeping up stairs, in the loft when the kids are home.  He's getting more protective, yet still afraid of a lil dog that barks at him.  Ha ha.

I took some vidoes and pictures with my phone, from the past few days ...

Chasing Addi around at the skate park

Sarge was sooo excited to see Logan after the kids being gone for THREE weeks!

Playing with Logan on the floor.  He loooves Logan's ears!

flow rider

Last week we took the kids to Mesa's Flow Rider at Rhodes Jr. High.  It was so much fun and we had some crazy first experiences there.  (1) Logan lost his swim suit while body boarding and (2) Addi fell trying to surf, which shut down the entire park.  Never a dull moment in our home! :)

We are so excited for Kaiden to come into town so we can take him, too!  He's gonna love it! 

Logan loosing his pants - make sure to watch til the end!


such a natural!


havin' soo much fun!!!!

gonna be sore tomorrow!

Addi's fall - such a brave girl!