Monday, January 31, 2011

skate park

I've said it a million times and I'll say it a million more ... Heath is THE BEST Step-Dad, ever!  I am so thankful for his influence in Logan & Addi's lives.  He's such a great example of what a dad and husband should be.  Logan has been beyond obsessed with his bike and "customizing" it.  He recently ordered a new handle bar and grips.  He brought his bike to our house, for the weekend, so Heath found a skate park nearby.  At this skate park, you can ride your bike and Razor's, too!  The kids were GREAT and so welcoming to Logan & Addi.  The kids made some new friends.   Heath was so good at encouraging Logan to go up and down the ramps.  It was cute - Logan acted sooo tough, but when he wanted to go up the ramp and Heath told him, "You got this", Logan yelled at him, "I will NOT go up the ramp until you are standing at the top!"  I almost cried!!

Two funny quotes -
Addi:  "Mom, my eyes hurt".  Me: "Why?"  Addi: "Because I have been starring at some pretty boys".

Logan to another boy: "Yeah, my Mom says this place is ghetto, but I like it". 

my love!!

Heath showing Logan he still has some skills!

watching each other

Addi was in and out of the bowls with her Razor

YAY!  FINALLY something my kids enjoy doing ... TOGETHER!!!!

at the top of the ramp, spotting Logan

Friday, January 28, 2011

bff's forever!

Addi and Kiana have been best friends since they met in Kindergarten.  They were in Mrs. Fredick's class at Patterson Elementary.  Mrs. Fredrick said it got so bad, with these two, that they were no longer allowed to walk in line together, sit together at lunch, sit at tables near eachother ... she said that it was like she didn't even exsist when she tried to talk to them and tell them that they needed to stop talking to eachother.  Turns out, Kiana's parents went to High School with Heath!  Small world!  The Sessions are now very good friends of ours, that we just adore.  Kiana is our second daughter.  I did a little photoshoot with them so we could print some pictures of them together and hang in Addi's room.  Here are some serious ones... and outtakes.  We went to Hobby Lobby and bought the materials to make them matching headbands.  They wanted pink, black and bling!  I love these two and I'm sooo thankful Addi has such a good, close friend!

best printing company ... ever!!

This week, we tried out a new printing company.  I am so impressed by their prices and what they offer.  They sent a sample of all the different papers they offer, so I can show my clients.  So, we thought we'd try them out, printing some personal pictures, to see if it's a service I want to start offering to my clients.  WE ARE HOOKED!!! Not only did the pictures turn out amazing ... but the rep who prepared our order, added a sucker in the box for Addi!  I was so impressed!! 


The kids' school is collecting pennies for a charity.  To be honest, I don't remember which one! lol.  Heath is like every other dad when it comes to saving his change {well, at least my dad did and still does}.  He has his jar and its filled with change.  The other night, Addi was so sweet and just asked for the pennies in my wallet.  There were 4.  She was totally fine with that!  So ... I told her she should ask Heath, when he gets home, if she can have some of his change; since she was so respectful and grateful for the 4 pennies.  Heath was soooo sweet and told her she could empty the entire jar and take ALL the pennies.  She was sooo happy that she would be able to contribute to her school and hopefully earn a pizza party, for bringing in the most pennies.

Thanks for being the world's greatest {step} Dad, Heath!!!!  Addi, Logan and Kaiden are so lucky to have such a great example in their lives.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

my healthy kid

I seriously LOVE that Addi is my good eater and enjoys being healthy ... and eating "fun" foods!  She's my lil twin when it comes to food!  Well, almost ... she likes olives and I don't!   One of our FAVE healthy treats is Yakult drinks!  We first discovered them at a Dbacks game 2 years ago and we have been addicted ever since.  They are a lil pricey, so we don't get them often, especially because a package, of 5, only lasts us 1 sitting - no lie.  We scarfed these down last night, in a matter of 5 minutes!  Check the product out here.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

stuck at taco bell

Last week, Logan decided he wanted to stay at his Dad's on Wednesday night.  I gave Addi the choice to stay, as well, and of course she jumped at the chance to stay with me and Heath ALL BY HERSELF!  The evening was all about her.  She got to pick what we had for dinner, what we watched, what we did ... so we started with an after school snack at Taco Bell {her fave}.  During our "snack", she had to use the restroom, so I went with her.  I totally forgot my purse hanging on my chair.  I went back out and it was gone!  My heart sank!  My keys, my wallet, my meds ... everything ... gone.  I asked the manager if someone had turned it in.  He said a lady took it and left her number.  She said if I didn't call her, then she would drop it off at my house, 1.5 hours away.  Now I'm thinking, SCAM!  I called the number and a guy answered.  He had no clue who I was trying to reach.  I called Heath, probably 20 times {no exaggeration}, but he wasn't picking up.  I figured he was at a wreck.  I called one of the guys on his squad and sure enough, Heath was at a bad wreck.  Rob sent Heath a message on his car computer, telling him what happened and to call me.  As I hung up the phone, with Rob, a gal drives up and told me that the girl who has my purse just dropped it off at Chase Bank, down the street.  Me and Addi RAN down to Chase Bank and sure enough, it was there!!! 

As me and Addi are driving away, she says, "Mom, that lady was sooo nice to come back to Taco Bell to tell us where your purse was.  Next time, try to not forget your purse because not everyone is that nice".  lol. 

super cross

We took the kids to Super Cross at Chase Field, last week.  They had A BLAST! Both kids loved it.  Now Logan wants to be a Super Cross rider.  Addi was loving taking pictures with my camera {and I accidentally deleted them}.  She took REALLY good pictures and even caught every movement of a wreck!!  I'm so disappointed at my mistake.  I guess we'll just have to go again next year.  Logan was bound and determined to get on the huge screen, so Heath encouraged him to take off his shirts and wave the checkered flag, to get the camera man's attention.  It didn't work and Logan just looked plain white trash!  lol. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

self portraits

Dear Logan & Addi -
You have grown up HATING the camera!  You have always complained about taking pictures and letting me practice.  Now that I have a tripod, you both seem to have a new fascination with my camera and taking pictures.  I was uploading images from my memory card and found these shots!  It brought a smile to my face!!

I love you, two!!

music in the home

My parents "forced" piano lessons from when I was 8 until ... Jr. High.  My teacher - Sister Karen Bayless.  I must have been her most frustrating student.  My favorite memory was playing Joplin's 'The Entertainer', 4 hands with Sister Bayless.  It was a special surprise for my Dad.  We played it at my last recital.  My Dad loves Scott Joplin's music.  I can't even begin to describe how amazing it is to have my childhood piano, in my house and have Addi playing it.  Last week, before unpacking any boxes, Addi and Heath sat down and played the piano together.  Amazing!!!! 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

new house

We are soooo excited to be in our new house!  We just adore the home and most importantly, the neighbors are all really welcoming!!  My sweet friend, Jen, was asking for pictures ... so I'll start posting as I get things put away and clean.

This is the downstairs.  It's a different layout than most houses, we weren't so sure about it, at first, but now that it's coming together, we're excited for a FAMILY TIME area.  No TV!! We are so happy to have the piano, too! I'll post pictures later of Addi and Heath playing the piano together ... precious!!

The first thing to be hung on the walls, is our THANKFUL project!  My friend, Becky, has a super fun blog with some really great ideas.  She's so crafty!  For Thanksgiving, she did a "Grateful" project with her kiddos, that she does every year.  We decided to do one, too and hang it for the entire year, not just Thanksgiving, to remind us what we are thankful for.  You can see her project here.

More to come .....

Friday, January 14, 2011

azca event

One of our friends works for a behavioral health clinic as well, and asked if I would take pictures at their annual Christmas event, for the Foster Care families.  I was so honored!  I had a blast and it's such an awesome cause.  Her hubby is on Heath's squad.  When I told Heath about the event, he jumped in and volunteered to bring the DPS Camero!  Courtney's hubby is also on SWAT and brought one of their vehicles and gave me a tour of the facility where it stays.  So amazing!! The kids got to sit in the Camero and play around in the tank.  It was a special thing for me to have Heath so involved with things I am involved with and support me in everything I do.  So this Camero just sits outside, without shade .. Heath had a BRILLIANT idea to ask if we could garage the Camero, at our house and take it events when it's requested.  The answer?  YES!!!!  I am so stoked to have this awesome ride at our house and be able to take it to events

home.made.chicken noodle soup

You read right.  HOMEMADE!  I have GOT to be the luckiest woman ever!  I have been so sick lately.  Heath asked me if I wanted chicken noodle soup for dinner, to make me feel better.  I was thinking Campbell's sounded just fine to me.  Heath used his Betty Crocker iPhone app and made me homemade chicken noodle soup ... and some much needed hot chocolate.  Forget the fact that he's the sexiest man ever ... he treats me so well. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

the treasures you find when you're packing

I have a love-hate relationship with moving.  I love it, because it's like Spring Cleaning and fresh starts.  I hate it, well ... cause it's a lot of work!!  Here are some fun things I found while packing the kids' rooms ....

not sure who wrote this, because Addi's last name is not spelled correctly

Addi saved this in one of her boxes, made for dress up clothes. Instead, she has a clay pigeon, with her name on it.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

a scary day for our family

our buddy {on our squad} A. Platts - on right

Today was an emotional day for our family & our close friends.  Heath and his squad were  called to the Chandler Mall for an active shooter.  I am so thankful for Heath and how thoughtful he is when it comes to these kinds of calls.  He calls me to let me know what's going on {before I see it on the news} and keeps me posted throughout the situation.

Today, I got a call from Heath a little after 12noon.  He told me to tell everyone at my office not to go near the Chandler Mall {down the street from my office}.  He said, "I'll call you back later".  I let the girls know about the call.  A few minutes later, a text from Heath telling me it was an active shooter.  I immediately started watching the news to see what was going on.  They were updating every 20 minutes or so.  I got a call from Heath around 12:30pm.  He told me that they have the suspect trapped in the mall and that the mall was evacuated.

...then no contact at all... {this is where I start getting sick to my stomach} and the news is saying that more shots are fired, but at Baja Fresh, across the street ... not at the mall. 

I continued to watch the news and keep in contact with the other wives on the squad for any updates they may have gotten from their hubbys.  Around 3:30pm, I get a call from Heath.  "Code 4".  I love those words from him.  Everything was over {finally}.  He had ended up getting shot at by the suspect who had gotten past the perimeter, the police set up and went into another restaurant across the street from the mall.  SWAT ended up relieving Heath and the other guys until the suspect gave up and surrendered.

Heath got to the mall and evacuated The Cheesecake Factory, which was still filled with Patrons.  Then shots fired at Baja Fresh, across the street.  He and a few other guys went straight to Baja Fresh and were first on scene.  They walked up to the front of the restaurant, then heard shots.  He realized they were being shot at.  He crawled underneath a truck and took cover.

Heath said that the suspect called his family and said he wasn't going down without a fight.  Thankfully, he changed his mind.

I am so thankful for the local police departments for keeping our streets & highways safe.  I am also thankful for a close circle of cop wifes who I love!  They are such a great support. 

wednesday's picture of the day

Today's picture of the day is of me, Logan, Addi and Grandma Kuhn taken this afternoon.  This is my Dad's Mom.  She is one amazing woman.  She seriously loves Logan & Addi and they sure love her.  She is THE most honest person I know and will tell you exactly how she feels.  Isn't she beautiful?  This is where me and Addi get our red hair from ... and attitude.  I am so thankful for family close by!!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

tuesday's picture of the day

I am beyond ready for warmer weather.  I am not {repeat a million times NOT} a cold weather gal.  Growing up in NorCal was enough cold weather for me.  It's been an unsually cold winter this year and I'm lookin' forward to some triple digits ... already!


My good friend, Becky, is such an inspiration to me.  Addi and her son, Porter, are the same age and have been friends since they were in Preschool.  Now that we no longer live down the street from each other and in the same ward, I have to blog stalk her to get daily updates.  I love following her blog and getting ideas on ANYTHING; raising kiddos, decorating, sprapbooking, photography, crafts ... you name it!  She had a post earlier this year about doing a "picture of the day".  I thought it would be fun to give it a try for a week!

This is my POTD - my running shoes!  I love dressing up and wearing my sassy high heels and of course, my every day footwear - FLIP FLOPS - but there is something about my running shoes that empowers me!  The days of running half marathons, tri's and 5,7,&10Ks, for charities, are gone.  I just don't have the time to truly dedicate to training.  I wish I did.  Running is something that I've always used to escape from reality.  Achieving that "runner's high" is probably one of the best feelings a person could have. 

...maybe I'll have to MAKE time this afternoon for a run...

Monday, January 03, 2011

kaiden's baptism

I am so glad that we were able to attend Kaiden's baptism and support him in his decision to be baptized. 

WHO WAS THERE {besides our lil family}
Debbie Goodman {grandma}
Sam Goodman {grandpa}
Cody & Jenny Goodman + kids {uncle/aunt}
Jim & Lindsey Simkins + Skylar {uncle/aunt}
Jake Goodman {uncle}

Kaiden's mom had a ton of her family there, as well.  It was so awesome to see the support Kaiden had from all sides of his families!  My parents were so bummed they couldn't make it.

Here are a few photos .... {taken with our phones}
Kaiden & Uncle Cody

Kaiden & Dad


our sweet family

Kaiden - I am so excited for you and your decision to be baptized.  I remember my baptism like it was yesterday.  I remember making promises to remain perfect {like not fighting with Uncle Curtiss} ... but that lasted all of 30 minutes!  We were fighting on the way home from my baptism!  I'm so glad that me, Dad, Logan & Addi were able to make it, from Arizona, to support you.  We love you so much!!

nye in vegas and the strip

Logan loved his pink tie so much that he slept in it!  He said he was going to wear it to school, too!  He did wear it on the way home with his jeans and Quicksilver tee and flip flops.  We got a lot of looks! 

He looks soooo sweet when he's sleeping.  So adorable.

The kids loved the hotel room; we had a kitchen and a living room. The kids played hide-and-go-seek .... Addi had the most creative hiding spot - in the dresser drawer!!!

I wish I would have taken more pictures AND brought my camera.  We didn't get to see Kaiden much, we were hoping for some more time.  We did also go to the dog park and kids' park as a family ... we were all so sad we couldn't see Kaiden more.  We can't wait to go back again and have some fun plans, planned!