Tuesday, March 30, 2010

uma easter baskets

We all got UMA BOXES this week! "WE" = me, Heath, Curtiss, Logan & Addi. Kaiden got his delivered to Las Vegas, directly to home. He loved his too!!

Here are some pictures of us all opening our boxes and adoring the awesome gifts mom got us! She's always so thoughtful!

Yeah, my kids have knives!
They have had PLENTY of experience opening Uma Boxes!

Uma colored a CTR shield for Logan.
He LOVES sentimental things like this! Good job, Mom!

Curtiss' FAVE thing in his box ...

My family nickname is "Jeff" ....

Our first UMA box as a couple!!

Mom -
THANK YOU for the boxes, treats and presents!!! We loved everything, as always!!!! You are always so thoughtful in what you get each person. BTW - Heath loves his tie! ;)


lunch with great grandma kuhn

Going to Grandma Kuhn's, in AZ for Easter, was always my fave time of the year! Guess what ...? Logan and Addi now look forward to it too!! I wish I would have taken pictures of Kaiden and his own, private Easter Egg Hunt, when he was in town .... but I didn't have a camera :(

On Sunday, me and Curtiss took Logan & Addi to Grandma Jean's (my Dad's Mom) for an Easter Egg Hunt and baskets. They had a blast. Here are some of my favorite shots from the afternoon ....

Grandma cheating ... by helping her baby girl!

comparing loot???

Curtiss and Grandma

Aunt Dale and Curtiss hiding behind Logan

Grandma, Aunt Dale (my Dad's sister), Curtiss, Aunt Donna (my Dad's sister)
Addi and Logan

happy with his basket!

Uncle Curtiss helping Logan count his money!
Grandma Jean is known for giving eggs full of money!!!

Addi counting her money

Aunt Dale helping Ads separate her money from candy

Grandma - Thanks for such a fun afternoon of food, drinks and Easter eggs! It's always fun with The Kuhn's! We were bummed Heath and Kaiden couldn't be with us; Heath was working and Kaiden is in Vegas with his mom. We were thinking of them, though!!

morris egg hunt

This year's Morris Family Easter Hunt was held in the middle of the desert. It was such a beautiful day. It's very different for me to be with such a large family .... from our teeny family on both my parent's sides .... but it's fun to have both! Here's some pictures for our morning with the Morris Family:

boys hiding eggs

all the kiddos gathered to start "the hunt"

here they go .... the lil kiddos first

Addi - getting tired, but still searching

Logan - on a mission and ditched his basket for a grocery bag ...
smart boy!

after the hunt, we just hung out and played with the camera ...
Addi was being a sweetie and letting me take pictures of her

Logan hanging out in Uncle C's truck ... eating his loot

No smiles??? Two of my FAVE boys!!

sweeeeet babe!!!!

I am so in love with this picture, it's my new FAVE!
I love this kiddo's freckles and bright red hair!

Addi taking pictures of us; being silly

PS .... while writing this post, Heath says to tell my "blogging buddies" hello from him! ;)

soccer 2010

Addi started soccer last week!! It's so fun to watch her play again ... it's been a few years. They are the Peoria Panthers!

Here are a few pictures from her first pratice.....

Addi with her Step Brother, Ryan
(he's on the same team, too)

Playing with the camera (and Ryan) before practice

Check out with this silly ham can do!!

She started on my shoulders ...
then I fell and she wouldn't get off my shoulders!

goofing around with Uncle C

best buddies

a true man

Every day when I get home from work, I know I will see this in our upstairs "nook", right outside of our bedroom. It may seem like a small thing, but it reminds me every day just how lucky I am; that Heath irons his own uniform EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Such a small, simple thing ...

Monday, March 29, 2010

addi's first school dance

Addi had her first school dance this last week. It was the Daddy-Daughter Dance at her school and she chose to go with Heath! He was so honored and really made it super special for her. Someday Addi will really realize what a great daddy he is to her (not that she doesn't realize it now), but she'll really APPRECIATE him and his efforts as she gets older. The entire night made me soooo proud to be this man's women and this sweet girl's mommy. I don't know who was more touched; me or Addi.

Heath rang the door bell to "pick up" Addi for their date. Logan answered the door and called for Addi to come downstairs. She had nooo idea ....

Heath bought Addi a corsage that matched her dress. She had never seen one before ... she loooved it and couldn't stop looking at it, smelling it and showing it off.

Heat held the car door open for her (just like he does for me, every time I get into the car)
She even got to sit in the front seat to the dance. She wanted to go with Heath, in a separate car, to the dance! It was soooo precious! She loves him so much!
On the red carpet

With friends

and two of her fave men (Daddy and Uncle C)

soooo handsome!!!!!

Oh my sweet babe ... you'll never know just how much I love you! You are such a special little girl and so loved!! You're beautiful, outgoing and such a joy! I am so honored to be your mama!