Thursday, March 31, 2011

the kuhns

It was so much fun to have my parents and Kaiden in town to finish off Logan & Addi's Spring Break!  It was a short, sweet trip, so we didn't take many pictures.   
Here are some pictures from our afternoon with Grandma Kuhn, et al.

Lunch @ Arribas
(what a surprise, Addi picked "head" of the table)

The boys having "chip races", waiting for our food

Mom & Dad
(still happily married after 31 years)

Aunt Donna & Uncle Jim
(Donna is my Dad's younger sister)

Aunt Dale & Uncle Mike - these two are so funny!
(Dale is my Dad's other  younger sister)

Aunt Donna and John
(John is my cousin a few years younger than me - so many fun memories of visiting him growing up)

 Grandma and her "munchkins"!

The Kuhn/Randsom Clan

my FAVE picture!  4 Generations!
Grandma - my Dad (her first born) - Me (My Mom and Dad's first born) - Logan (my first born)

Monday, March 28, 2011

my first time as an aunt!

I am going to be an aunt for the first time!!  Curtiss and Ginger are expecting a sweet baby B*O*Y!!!!  Benjamin Robert Kuhn

We are sooo excited to meet him .... and Addi is very happy she's still the ONLY Grandaughter on the Kuhn side and Schlegel side!  Ha ha.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

ostrich festival

This year we went to the Chandler Ostrich Festival.  Heath has been going to this since he was young.  It's fun seeing something from his past, that we can do with him now!!  Reminds me of my lil home town and the festivals we had growing up. 

We met up with Chad and Kim {Kim is Heath's cousin} and their kiddos.  Denim, Addi, Logan and Preston hung out together.  Denim and Addi like the same rides; they are two peas in a pod. :)

scouting out the rides

on the swing  :)

our family's FAVE ride!

Heath - freaking out!!!
Preston, Addi, Denim & Logan

Chad {holding Logan}, Heath & Kim

Addi, Logan and Addi - petting the camel

MINI ME'S!!!  Addi {Chad's neice} & our Addi.  Logan {Chad and Kim's son} & our Logan!

Addi, Logan & Denim

Addi & Demin on the Viper.  They loooved this ride!

first topiary

Addi and I made our first topiary last night.  We made a square one, instead of a round one.  It's different.  We also learned some things so our next one is better.  They are fun and I wonder after the cost of buying all the material, you could probably just buy one for the same cost, if not cheaper ... BUT ... it was fun making this project with Addi and making some mommy-daughter memories.

P.S.  That is Heath's birthday present still out for display!  He is sooo cute and so proud of it, he wouldn't let me put it away.  :)


Getting ready for Kaiden's visit!!  The boys' clothes seem to always get mixed together and then we end up having to mail Kaiden's clothes back to him when we find them later on.  I thought this was a cute and clever way to fix the problem .... we'll see how it goes this weekend :)

I took some of my favorite pictures of the boys, from the same vacation, last year; added some text as to what is to go in the bin, laminated and then hot glued Velcro to the bin.  Ta da!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

力 power; force; strength

Definitely something I need to hear regularly these days and be reminded of.  This two bracelets; one from American Eagle and the other was a gift from Logan & my mom a few years ago, for Christmas.  I was going through my second divorce and starting another custody battle with Mark.  Turquoise is my birth stone and my mom wanted me to have a constant reminder that I am a tough girl and can handle anything, especially with everything I had been through; I just had to remember I had that inner strength to not give up.

I put this bracelet on, this morning for my comforting reminder from Mom and Logan.  It helps that I have Heath and my folks and friends to help me make it through this hard time in my life.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

s and m wedding & reception

I was so honored to be such an important part of Mike and Shelby's wedding {Mike is Heath's cousin}.  The Halcomb's are amazing.  They are so accepting and loving ... and fun ... and full of energy and creativity ... I can't say enough good things about this family!!  As I was setting up for the big group picture, Heath's Aunt Teresa, asked how we were going to take this picture with me in it!!!  Awe!  I was so flattered!!  I'm glad I brought the tripod so I could be in this picture, as well!  After a few pictures with guests, we {Shelby's mom, the adorable couple, me and Heath} went around the Temple and took their wedding portraits.  They are so fun and cute ... and up for anything!  I am so thankful for Heath's help & his creativity!  He's the best assistant I could have.  And the hottest!! ;)

the fam

probably one of my faves
the sun was peeking around the corner of the Temple
saw this in a magazine so we tried it ... perfect heart, Shel!!
she's sooo pretty
she had beautiful flowers and the back of her dress was amazing - had to capture it

the reception was beautiful!  It was so fun {and a surprise} to see all the engagment pictures we took, on each table!

Congrats, Mike and Shel!!  And thank you again, Halcomb/Goodman's, for letting me be such an important part of your family!  Love you all ... so much!!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

guy price memorial at firebird

We had so much fun with Roy, Traci, Savana, Lindey and Darren at Firebird Raceway for the Guy Price Memorial Race. 

Hayden - Traci's lil buddy .. dong the "Big Wheels" race.  This kid is so darn cute and says he likes Ricky Bobby, in NASCAR. 

watching the race on top of the announcer building

burn out

Traci & Heath grilling .... Turkey, Tofu and Spinach burgers for me and Heath ... YUM!  Seriously .. so delish!
hanging out with my sweet girl, Savana
Traci & Hayden before his big race
Roys hot Pit Crew :) 
Savana hangin' on to Heath & Darren, on the back of the golf cart
end of the day ... looking things over
the pit crew ride
It was fun to watch kids come up to Roy, asking for his autograph!  Reminds of back in the day when I would go watch my Uncle race and people asked for his autograph.
the gang