Monday, April 25, 2011

eight is great!

Anyone remember that book? :)  Our dear friends' daughter, Emma, turned 8 and is getting baptized in a few weeks.  Last year, I took her oldest's baptism pictures ...and carrying on tradition, we went to dinner afterwards, as families.  We looove the Newberns; hanging out, vacationing, dinner ... it doesn't matter.  We always have fun with them.  Heath & Joey are so much alike and get along so well; it's awesome!

{my amazing assistants}

{taking breaks}

{birthday girl}Happy 8th Birthday, EMMA!!!!! We love you!

{watch me}
Heath, Maggie and Joey showing Emma how she should smell the roses! 
Thank you guys!  Awesome models!

The kids were playing in the fountain (which they shouldn't have been) and collecting change.  I know .... they all put it back, though.  Joey decided to join them and help them! 

{can't hold it}
Grant couldn't hold it!  Gotta love being a boy!

Addi was actually ASKING me to take pictures of her!!  Love it.  She's sooo pretty!

{the munchkins}
Me and the munchkins!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

must run in the family ... and extended family

Last weekend we went to California to visit my family and when we were leaving, I noticed this old camera sitting on a table in my parents living room.  It's been there for YEARS (15+).  I never really cared about it.  I think I picked it up a few times out of curiosity.  It belonged to my Great Grandfather (you can see a little bit about him HERE).  Over the past few years, as I have been practicing more with my camera, Papa's camera has become more significant to me.  My obsession has also affected Heath, Kaiden and Addi!  You won't see any pictures of Logan holding my camera ... he won't even touch it unless I ask super nicely ... he broke my last one and I was pretty sad. Poor guy cause he's good at taking pictures.  I love seeing my family take pictures; I hope it continues to be an interest of theirs.  I wish my parents took more pictures to document our childhoods.  It's never to late to start a new generation of photographers!! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

sr pix

I had a BLAST with Dominique and Aunt Teresa!!!  This is another one of Heath's cousins.  Dom is graduating High School AND getting married in August!  Engagement pictures will be fun.

Seriously - one of THE most amazing families ever! Uncle Kenny, Aunt Teresa and their crew .... I love you all!

little d

{Sweet D}

Such a fun little gal ... she was a little nervous at first, but opened up eventually. We found an awesome OLD abandoned house along a country road; a total treasure. Too bad it’s in California!

Monday, April 18, 2011

lil mason

This is Mason!  Seriously, isn't he one of the cutest lil boys!?  He wouldn't look at me much ... but his little model stare worked out just fine.  Hopefully Mom agrees!

Thanks Christi, Manuel and Mason!

bill, dayna, v and baby cole

I always love seeing Dayna, Bill and Miss V!  This time I got to meet BABY COLE!  He's sooo precious and Dayna is such a great Mommy!  I knew she would be!  Sweet Cole is 7 weeks old.

Thanks guys for such a fun photo shoot.  I'm excited for our next visit and a couple's night out.

and how could I forget my FAVE assistant!!??  I'm a lucky gal!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

tim & leanna morris

I had so much fun taking Tim & Leanna's family pictures! Tim is one of (MANY) Heath's cousins. I just adore this family; every single one of them! Tim & Leanna are such an adorable couple, too! Leanna and I have a lot in common and have really gotten close over the past year. Tim a Phoenix City Police Officer and works in the HOOD!!! 

Here are a few of my faves so far ....

Casion - such a lil flirt and my new boyfriend!  :)

Handsome Holden!  I loved his natural poses he decided to do!

"everyone look at mom!!!"

LOOOVE LOVE the 'M'!!! 

Seriously - one of THE cutest couples EVER!

What kids don't LOVE to watch their parents kissing?!

Beautiful Tennille!  Seriously stunning eyes!

SUPER fun and gorgeous Kylee!  Can't wait to take her Senior pictures!  Can I have your hair??  ;)

Thanks Morris Family for such a fun Saturday night!! xoxox