Wednesday, June 17, 2009

to addi

Dearest Addi,
You are growing up waaaay too fast, sister!! You are into texting Kiana right now and asking if you can have a cell phone, JUST so you can text her over the summer!! Your most recent text to her was my favorite! You wrote:

"I love you Kiana i now that you now that!!! And i now wuts 5+5=10 yaa you noow that!!! And 20+20=40 did you now that?"

While golfing last weekend, Mike told me how much alike you and I are, in our mannerisms and they way we talk. I was so flattered! Uma used to tell me how much she wanted to be like me ... I didn't get it. Guess what, I "got it" now ... I find myself wanting to be JUST LIKE YOU!!

I love you, sweet Ads!!

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