Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a sunday afternoon in tempe

This past Sunday, me and the kiddos went to Tempe to do our FAVE things: Mojo's on Mill and hike A Mountain at ASU! It was a VERY intertesting day! It was PetWalk day so there were THOUSANDS of people walking their dogs around Tempe Town Lake. We had to park a half mile away, just to get to Mill Ave. THEN, as we got closer to Mojo's, we saw some interesting characters ... it was comic club day and they were promoting their convention, in May.

They took a picture of Addi with this Star Wars guy and asked if they could put her picture in their magazine and on their website! She was sooo excited!!

While at Mojo's, Addi entered a contest to design the next Mojo wrap for their cups!

Then, our hike! These are all pictures taken with my phone ...

(I love this one)

Checkin' out the A

Logan made it to the middle of the A. He was so proud of himself. That concrete is slippery!

Made it to the top! It was soo windy!

Logan LOVES this old Mill. He insists that he is going to to re-open it when he gets older AND he said he would protest if the city ever considers tearing it down.

I love our Sunday afternoons together and taking our traditional Mojo's run and A Mountain Hike! Thanks for such a WONDERFUL afternoon, Logan & Addi!!


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