Saturday, April 04, 2009

a spring update

Last weekend was a super busy one!! We had such a blast!!! Curtiss came into town and we were non-stop all weekend (my FAVE kind of weekends).

Alright, this is a little out of order...

On Sunday, we went to Scottsdale to visit our Dad's side of the family. This is (clockwise from the top):
Aunt Dale (dad's younger sister)
Grandma (dad's mom)
Uncle Mike (aunt dale's hubby)

We went to a Chinese Buffet and the owner kept telling me and Curtiss what a beautiful family WE had ... yuuuuuck! ;)

Then Curtiss and I stopped by a car show with the kids on our way back to Gilbert. Here are the kids and their fave cars at the car show ....

On Friday night when Curtiss got into town, Heath and I were at Dave & Busters with the kids, eating dinner. The kids hadn't seen Uncle Curtiss since before Christmas. They were soooo excited. Addi couldn't get enough of her Uncle!!

The kids were like little old people at a casino! It was hilarious to watch!

Here is a video of Addi playing skeet ball. She's actually really good at it!

Here are some pictures I took of the kiddos for Spring ... just because. They weren't dressed super cute, but were in good moods ... gotta take advantage of that!! :)

Last Friday night, Heath had an Honor Guard ob to do at a Police Academy graduation in Phoenix. Me and the kiddos went. It's always fun to watch him do the Honor Guard thing .. all dressed up in his uniform. Heath was sweet enough to let me take a pic or two ...

so handsome

On Saturday, we took the kids quadding for the first time. They had a blast!! I think we finally found something Logan really enjoys AND is good at! Curtiss had him doing doughnuts by the end of the day and Addi was going up mountains. I couldn't have been more proud of my sweet babies!!

Curtiss "chasing" Addi

show off! ;)
Curtiss is a great rider

Uncle + Niece
going out for a ride

Heath & Logan
conquering the tallest mountain

thinking he's a pro rider by standing up while riding

... and riding with one hand ...
(soooo cute)

Heath & Addi
showing her some trails she can go on

pouting after she crashed

Curtiss & Addi
getting a lesson on how to ride the quad

Curtiss + Addi + Logan
exploring the trails near the trucks

my sweet girl all ready to go
I've been keeping so busy at work and during the week with the kids that I just haven't had any time to really stay on top of my blog. Work is going great, we're expanding!! We are actually hiring and I HAVE to have it done by the end of next week ... yikes!! I'm so thankful for it!

The kids are doing wonderful. They are excited for school to be over and start summer vacation.
Heath starts General Instructor's school on Monday. At the end of April he will be taking a Driving Instructor's class. He is already a Training Instructor. After these two programs, he will start to teach the new police officers how to drive their police cars in all the situations they face on duty. Pretty cool!! I am really proud of him.

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Agnes said...

WOW!!! Lots and Lots of fun! The pictures of the kids look great (as always!)Your "man friend" Heath looks super nice... :) We have to get together and do the "double date" thing so we can meet him! Tim wants to do the officer thing SOOO bad! I'm sure the kids enjoyed seeing the whole Honor Guard thing at the Police Academy. Well, looks like you're doing great...I just had to see what you've been up to! :) Love Ya !