Tuesday, April 07, 2009

uma invented the uma box

Dear Logan & Addi,
This post is more for journaling purposes. I never want to forget this morning's conversation on the way to school.

Logan: "Mom, don't forget to send Kaiden's Easter basket today!! He's going to be so excited when he sees what we got him."

Mom: "Thanks for reminding me, Logan. What should we call his box? We can't call it an Uma Box, because it's not coming from Uma."

Logan: "But Uma INVENTED the Uma Box, it HAS to be called that. When Kaiden calls us on Easter, we have to explain the box to him and this is what you get when your mom is our Uma and that all your presents don't have to fit into your basket, you get lots of presents just in the box!!"

I called Uma this morning to tell her about our conversation. I knew she'd want to hear how much you guys love getting Uma Boxes and how you think they are better than anything else. She cried. She loves being your Uma and is so excited to see you guys in May and meet Kaiden.

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