Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Vacation: airplane rides

My cousin's own a flight school at the Livermore Airport (in the Bay Area). My family is very much into flying and builds planes. My cousin, Judy, was so sweet to take the kiddos up for 2 flights around the airport. My cousin, Paul, built this plane. It's a military spy plane. I know, it doesn't look like one, but I guess it was used to help locate land mines ... hence all the windows.

Heath was such a great sport. He's not much of a flyer, but decided he'd go up too!! I was sooo proud of him.

It was extremly windy, so Judy to "slip" the plane in = fly in sideways. The kiddos all loved this, esspecially Miss Addi. No surprise. She's the daredevil.

Paul propping the plane
I love my family - we have so much fun together

Kaiden waiving HI to us

What we did while waiting for our turns

look what I have started!!!

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Agnes said...

How FUN! you guys always have something fun planned! great you had a fun day!