Saturday, July 25, 2009

birthday - day

Addi's birthday was so much fun this year!!! This was probably my most favorite year celebrating with her. I called Kiana's mom (Addi's best friend is Kiana) and asked if Kiana could go with us to Peoria to pick up Addi at 8:30 am and surprise her with Kiana's visit. She was sooo awesome and said yes! Peoria is over an hour away from Gilbert. Sweet Kiana fell asleep in the car!

Addi was sooo surprised to answer the door and Kiana was standing there!!
Logan was in on the secret and did an awesome job of not telling her!!

She couldn't keep kissing Kiana!
She pointed to Kiana and said, "This is THE BEST present ever!!!"

Before we hit the road back to Gilbert, we stopped for donuts!

We came home to take showers and change before her next surprise.
She came home to these presents on the table

Next she opened her presents

Then off to ....

Logan was so bummed it wasn't his bday
...almost there Logan, just a few more weeks ...

We surprised the kids with a trip to Maktu's Island!

When we came home, the girls busted out the presents and played with each one!
A stuff doll/bear machine from me and Heath

Marble Run
From me and Heath

Moon Sand
From Kiana

since my awesome camera is broken, I didn't take action shots of her opening her Uma Box ... it was stuffed!!! I have videos I'll post later of her opening her Uma box! While opening her Uma box, Logan pouted. He wanted one sooo bad.

Heath crashed with all the birthday excitment.

The girls decided to play in the sprinklers

Then decided they wanted to go to the pool! We spent the rest of the day at the pool

Addi -
I hope you had as much fun as we did for your birthday! We love you soooo much! You are our favorite girl!

(Heath, Logan, Kaiden, Curtiss, Uma & Papa too)

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Agnes said...

happy Late Birthday Addi! Looks like you had tons of Fun!