Sunday, May 30, 2010

lots of catching up to do

I seriously cannot believe another few months have gone by where I haven't blogged! I'm not really sure who even reads blogs anymore with the whole facebook phenomenon! I will be the first to admit though, I do love my fb! :)

Here's what we have been up since Easter!

{Mother's Day}
- iphone from Heath
- perfume from everyone
- breakfast in bed (waffles w/ strawberries and pears w/ yogurt)
- bracelet from Logan
- ring from Addi
- a purse that belonged to my Grandmother & some yummy lotions & body spray from my Mom

{Washington, DC} for National Police Week

{Desert Ridge}
Me and the kiddos used to go to Desert Ridge, in Scottsdale, every other Friday for the water park and Panda Express. Heath was working so me and the kiddos went to Desert Ridge, just like we used to.

{San Hacienda}
We have gone back to the apartments a few times to hang out with our buddies! It's so fun to see them. I'm so glad we made some friendships that will be long lasting.

{Ride Along}
I love my ride alongs with Heath. We always have a competition of who can get more stops, arrests and warrants. He always wins! Guess that's why HE'S the cop! :)

{Good Friday}
I had Good Friday off so I got to hang out with my man! It was fun. He took me to some new places I had never been before. I love exploring with him.

I've also been keepin busy with photo shoots! You can see my sessions, on facebook. It SHOULD be a public link, so you don't need facebook to view my photography site. Let me know if you can't see it! { }

Again, I'll try to do better at blogging. Life's been keeping us busy and it doesn't look like it's going to slow down any time soon.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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