Tuesday, October 05, 2010

photoshoots in cali

Alright. So I have been "addicted" to Facebook and need to get back to my roots - blogging. I used to be so good about it, but since dating Heath, I find that we get so crazy busy, that I get overwhelmed even thinking about uploading, editing then blogging. But, Facebook has seemed to cause some unnecessary drama, that I think it's time to get back to good 'ol blogging.

Last week, Heath and I took a road trip to CA, to visit my folks and take pictures. I had so much being being home; the smells, the food, the landscape ... I needed this trip home! I also loved seeing some friends I haven't seen since High School. It was so neat to meet their families {finally} and get some long overdue hugs from some familiar faces. Here are some of my fave shots!

{Miss L}
This sweet girl was born half way through her pregnancy. She was smaller than a dollar. Now just look at her - she's wonderful! I love Miss L's personality and love. Her hugs are the best! She was so cute, during pictures, she whipped out her toy camera she put in her pocket and started taking pictures with me. LOVED it!

These three girls belong to a dear friend of mine. Amanda and I have been friends since Jr. High. It was so fun to see her after all these years and meet her hubby ... and three perfect daughters!

{Sweet V}
This beautiful girl is the step-daughter of Dayna. Dayna and I have been friends since Jr. High, as well. She is Autistic and just as sweet as can be. She is expecting a little brother early next year.

{blue eyed T}
This beautiful babe was sooo stinkin sweet! I loved taking her pictures! Her mommy went to the same High School as me, but graduated a few years after I did. It was so fun to meet her, her hubby and this sweet, beautiful girl.

{sassy K}
This sassy gal and my Addi would get along sooo well! She is the daughter of my friend Meshell. Meshell and I have been friends since Jr. High. Her mommy is a dear friend of mine whom I just adore and admire. Great woman.

Thank you to all my friends who were so excited for me to come into town and take your family pictures. I had so much fun seeing y'all! I can't wait for my next photo shoot trip home. Dates to be announced.

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