Monday, October 18, 2010

overwhelming graditude

Today I have an overwhelming sense of graditude. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened; Heath and I hardly ever see eachother, nothing has changed with the in laws - everything is still akward and uncomfortbale, there is still an insane amount of laundry that needs to be done, dog poop needs to be picked up, grocery shopping needs to be done, photoshoots need to be edited, cars needs to be washed, garage needs to be cleaned out, beds need to be made, my full time job greets me every morning, I'd love to make it to the gym if I had any spare time ... the list just continues and it seems to be never ending, but this morning as I was doing some dishes, I went to the fridge and took a second to really look at the pictures and drawings that have been there every day.

Maybe I am feeling an overwhelming sense of graditude because, before work, my best friend {Heath} and I took Sarge to the dog park and laughed, like we always do. Maybe it's because of the random text I got from my little brother, this morning, quoting our favorite movie {The Hangover}. Maybe it's because of the Father's Day book Kaiden made for Heath on all the reasons why he's a "Super Dad" ... including the front cover that says its because of how he treats all THREE kids. Maybe it's because of the sweet note Addi drew for me one time while at her Dad's for a long weekend; telling me how bad she wants to see me "right now". Maybe it's seeing our first "family" photo in front of an airplane, taken while we were on our first trip as a "family". As I am looking over everything, that has become my life, I am over come with joy, love and peace. I can't even begin to describe the love I have in my heart for Heath, Logan, Addi & Kaiden ... and Sarge and for the family we have become. I couldn't possibly ask for a better life. I am truly blessed.

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Jenna said...

Jenn - I love catching up on your blog. Congrats to you and Heath and your sweet family! Big hugs from Seattle!