Friday, October 07, 2011

mim - scottsdale

It's amazing what makes you gitty when you're a mom! I was sooo excited when I got the email from Addison's teacher letting me know that my name was drawn as a chaperon for Addi's first field trip of her 3rd grade year!

This was the perfect field trip for me to go on with her because it was the MIM in Scottsdale! It was super interesting and a cool bonding thing for me and Addi since we're both into music.  It was neat; the tour guide would take us to different countries and would teach us about the instruments that came from that country and most of them had videos so the kids could see how they were used and the different cultures of the world.

The kids' favorite section of the museum was the "EG" {Experience Gallery} where they could PLAY a lot of different instruments they had learned about.

Here are a few pictures ...

Mrs. MacDonald [Addi's music teacher] with some students

probably Addi's fave instrument because it is just like a piano!

the kids rockin' out to the self playing piano

my crew

my group was THE best!

Addi being called on to answer a question at the first stop! lol .. that's my kiddo!

how Ms. Kay would turn the videos on! 

this was MY fave! 

the kids dancing the Flamango!

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