Thursday, December 18, 2008

welcome, welcome

Ahhhh! A fresh start! I am ready! Ready to start living life for me and my kiddos. It's about time to come clean about my "real" marriage.

Today: me, Curtiss and Mel are going to Addi & Logan's school to have lunch with Ads. Once she found out I was having lunch with Curtiss and Mel, there was no getting out of it! I am way excited. She's really becoming my best friend! She's so lovey, kind and ENJOYS having her picture taken. Where did this child emerge from???!!!

Tonight: I am taking the kiddos to the library to do homework and hangout.

Tomorrow, the kiddos go to Mark & Markaa's for T*E*N days! Sigh. I am going to miss them soooo much!! I think they are going to miss me too!

Good luck on your test today, Mom!!!!

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