Saturday, December 27, 2008

my fave homes

After dinner tonight (DELISH MOM!!!) - Me, Mom and my cousin Sammy went to my FAVE neighborhood to take some pictures so you 'yall can see where I call home. Some of these homes belong to friends ... sorry friends ... this is for journaling purposes! :)

One of our friends cats joined us for a few minutes on our walk.
Isn't he/she cute? One blue eye, one green.

Due to earthquakes, the older neighborhoods have sidewalks that look like this:

A FAVE past time of mine and Curtiss':
rake the Liquid Amber Tree leaves into HUGE piles and jump in them!

C and Me


Dawn said...

I LOVE those homes! That would be so cool to live in a neighborhood that looks like that.

Sam said...

haha the cat