Monday, December 22, 2008

goodbye stitches ... hello boot

WOW! My phone takes pretty good pics! Who would have known!?

Well, this is my best friend for the next month! I can't tell you how good it feels to finally be able to WALK WITHOUT PAIN!! YAY! No broken bones, but the Podiatrist thinks there is ligament or tendon damage so I get an MRI on Wednesday afternoon on my foot and ankle. I said, "phew no broken bones" he said, "NOOO!! It's worse! Damage to tendons or ligaments = surgery". Sigh. Oh well .... it is what it is. I just want to be able to wear a shoe again!!! I have some cute ones that are missing out!

Tonight I am going to hang with Curtiss & Mel and the LeSueur Fam ... but before I do ... I have dug into Kara's YUUUUUMY cinnamon bread! A fave of mine since I met Kara a few years ago. She's so good at baking bread. For the last few years, I have looked forward to her Christmas bread! THANKS KARA!!!! I needed this tonight!

The house is so quiet without Logan & Addi. Gosh, I miss them sooo much! I am looking forward to going to Cali this weekend with C and Mel. Not really looking forward to the 12 hour drive with Curtiss (just kidding, bro), but I AM excited to see Mom, Dad, Yosemite, snow and ... my cousins, Aunt and Grandpa.

Little do the LeSueur's know, since I am now an honorary member of their family, I am bringing the camera!!! Sorry LeSueur's!! That's what you get with me in your fam! :) Lucky for me, the love documenting get togethers!

Pics to come ....

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Naughty Newbee's said...

Oh my goodness Jenn I can't believe you are going to have surgery... I am glad to hear you are doing better though and I feel bad I missed you the other day. Hopefully you are enjoying your bread as well! :) We need to do lunch or something after the holidays I think about you soooo much, you are on my mind day in and day out!! Miss ya :)