Saturday, March 07, 2009

the perfect saturday

Heath and I had a wonderful Saturday. We went kayaking down "the river" - The Salt River. We actually didn't go very far. We started at the bottom and started kayaking up it, for a good work out. It was a little windy and harder than we thought it would be. It was super fun. I haven't been kayaking since we took my Mom to the Monterey Bay and went ocean kayaking way back in 1999.

Afterwards, we stopped by Jason and Shelly's. It's been forever since Shel and I have seen each other. They are a sweet family. I just adore Shel. Hope you feel better soon, sweetie!!!

Then we went to The Monastery for burgers. If you haven't been there, I TOTALLY suggest it. You get to grill your own burgers. They have sand volleyball courts as well. It's a fun atmosphere. For you locals, its up by Falcon Field.

For dinner we found a new sushi joint that we have dubbed our new hangout. It's a family owned sushi place that has been in the same location for 19 years. The owners were so kind.

It was such a nice and relaxing day. One of the best Saturday's I've had in a while!

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