Thursday, April 21, 2011

must run in the family ... and extended family

Last weekend we went to California to visit my family and when we were leaving, I noticed this old camera sitting on a table in my parents living room.  It's been there for YEARS (15+).  I never really cared about it.  I think I picked it up a few times out of curiosity.  It belonged to my Great Grandfather (you can see a little bit about him HERE).  Over the past few years, as I have been practicing more with my camera, Papa's camera has become more significant to me.  My obsession has also affected Heath, Kaiden and Addi!  You won't see any pictures of Logan holding my camera ... he won't even touch it unless I ask super nicely ... he broke my last one and I was pretty sad. Poor guy cause he's good at taking pictures.  I love seeing my family take pictures; I hope it continues to be an interest of theirs.  I wish my parents took more pictures to document our childhoods.  It's never to late to start a new generation of photographers!! 

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