Monday, April 25, 2011

eight is great!

Anyone remember that book? :)  Our dear friends' daughter, Emma, turned 8 and is getting baptized in a few weeks.  Last year, I took her oldest's baptism pictures ...and carrying on tradition, we went to dinner afterwards, as families.  We looove the Newberns; hanging out, vacationing, dinner ... it doesn't matter.  We always have fun with them.  Heath & Joey are so much alike and get along so well; it's awesome!

{my amazing assistants}

{taking breaks}

{birthday girl}Happy 8th Birthday, EMMA!!!!! We love you!

{watch me}
Heath, Maggie and Joey showing Emma how she should smell the roses! 
Thank you guys!  Awesome models!

The kids were playing in the fountain (which they shouldn't have been) and collecting change.  I know .... they all put it back, though.  Joey decided to join them and help them! 

{can't hold it}
Grant couldn't hold it!  Gotta love being a boy!

Addi was actually ASKING me to take pictures of her!!  Love it.  She's sooo pretty!

{the munchkins}
Me and the munchkins!

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