Thursday, August 25, 2011

B13 Reunion - Pinedale

Last year's B13 (Brimhall) Reunion was especially memorable for a few reasons: (1) we had all three kiddos with us, (2) it was the 50th reunion and (3) well ... Heath's family is just amazing!!! 

This year, we only had Logan and Addi with us (and of course the mutt) and again, we made some pretty awesome memories.  Here are just a few .... (I didn't want anyone to feel like I was the Paparazzi, constantly taking pictures, especially with so many photographers in the family)

carnival at Gail J's

Sarge LOOOVED Police Car (Sam's cow). He's always had a thing for larger animals.  No fear!

Police Car liked Sarge, too!  From the minute Sarge went into his pen, he was cleaning him!

My beautiful flower child!

Skylar and Sarge - she's always loved him!!!  Before she could walk on her own, she used to hold onto his nub and walk behind him.

MUD RUN!!  So much fun!  Made me realize how much I'm looking forward to Tough Mudder in January!  Addi was such a great sport, too!

Before we made it to Pinedale, the kids saw a dumpster behind Safeway and wanted to do a photoshoot!  How cool are they??

Addi chose her spot!

Some of my favorite things around the ranch - an old train car, Grandpa Logan's tractor and a horse trailer

Bring ranchers

Moving Police Car to a different pen

Sam let Logan drive!!  Crazy!  Who's even more crazy is Aunt Deb and Heath, who rode in the back while Logan was driving!!!


Cami D. said...

Sam let Logan drive? HA That's where I drove for the first time too with Uncle Lee! FUNNY! I am sad I missed I missed it, looks like fun. the mud. . . those are my favorite! :) I'm glad you're part of "us"!

Mike Elder said...

Thank you for posting your pictures! Looks like it was a great time. Wish we had not missed it this year.