Thursday, August 25, 2011

kidney stones + tooth extraction = tiring 48 hours

The past 48 hours have been beyond tiring!!   I have been deathly sick since Saturday and wasn't able to go into work on Monday and Tuesday.  I was finally reday to return to work on Wednesday, so I get up, take a shower ... and while I'm saying goodbye to Heath, he tells me how much pain he's in.  After some negotiating, I was able to convince him to let me take him to the ER.  I'm sure he's glad I did now (gotta love narcotics via IV)!  We able to finally pass the stone around 1am on Thursday morning.  He still has one waiting in the other kidney .... hopefully it won't be such a negotiation process next time.  :)

Logan went into his regular denist on Monday for a filling and was told he needed an extraction because the adult tooth was on its way in and the baby tooth was infected.  Apparently, Logan did not like how his dentist was working on him, so he threw a fit (I wasn't there ... I honestly can't imagine it was a bad as it was explained to me).  Heath and I decided to take him to Brian for a second opinion.  Brian was able to do the extraction right then and there.  Logan was sooo good and super funny with the NO!  Remember that youtube video of the little boy in the backseat of his car on the way home from the dentist?  Logan was pretty darn funny!  Brian is sooo awesome and we are so thankful for him in our family!  You can check out Goodman Dental Center here.

These are just from my phone ... but still ... it is journaling :) My poor family, they just can't ever escape their pictures being taken.

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