Thursday, September 01, 2011

an amazing legacy!

Logan is FINALLY into airplanes!  I'm sooo happy about this because my family has been into airplanes since I was .... well, before I was even thought about!!  I was even named after an airplane ... The Jenny.

I sent a FB message out to my family, asking them to send me ANY pictures of planes that are still in the family, pictures of our family airport ... anything that has to do with our family and our heritage.  I am going to take the pictures that I've been sent and blow them up on canvas', on metallic paper, LARGE ... oh I'm sooo excited!

Check out some of the pictures I have been sent so far!  I don't know the story behind each image, but I am soo thankful for such an amazing and supportive family who stepped up, took time out of their busy lives and sent me some of my heritage.

TO MY FAMILY - you are all so very amazing!   I can't tell you how much this means to me and I have really enjoyed seeing these awesome pictures. My memories of airshows and fly in's, all over California, growing up have such a huge place in my heart and are such a part of who I am.  I couldn't be more proud of my family and who we are.

just amazing!!! This is one of my favorite views EVER! 

Auntie Bert - 1934

1942 - our families airport
Built by my Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Great Uncle and more ... 

This one is AMAZING! 
My mom loves to tell the story about growing up with a dirt runway in their "back yard" and taking the planes up with her siblings and getting "tattled" on by the neighbors.  None of them were old enough to drive ... but they all knew how to fly!  The top picture is of the home my grew up in with their hanger, plane and runway.  It later became Highway 101 in San Jose.  The picture below is of the men who built the airport.  In this image, I recognize my Grandpa and Great Grandpa.

The 21 and 34 in front of Aunt Ameilia's flight school

Doug (cousin) 14 yrs old

This is the TravelAir.  I LOOOVE this plane and have some pretty amazing memories of flying stunts in it with my cousin Doug.  Flying upside down, in an open cockpit ... there's nothing like it!

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Abby said...

I just saw this... my life has been hectic but I wanted you to know that I feel the same way. An awesome childhood we had, and I hope we are able to give our children something similar... a passion and a great family experience. xoxo