Monday, September 12, 2011

a school project and some lunch box notes

So, I pick up the munchkins from school last week and Addi says, "Mom, I have a project due tomorrow for my HEAT Reading class and since you're a photograpgher, I waited to come to your house so you can do it and I can have the best project in the class!"  {HEAT Reading is the advanced reading class she attends each day}

We started on the project AS SOON AS WE GOT HOME since the sun was going down quickly and it was an overcast day.

[the project]
To depict (with some sort of images; drawing, photographs) that represent a character in the book, 'Steward Little'.  The kids have a box, with a slit in the top and the images are to be glued around the box.  Each student will go around and write down which character they think the images represents.

[the character and his characteristics]
half eaten cracker - doesn't finish things he starts
raking yard - helps his parents
snuggling with sarge - loving
logan drowning - gets distracted easily
holding weight - strong
running shoes - keeps busy
ring - helps his mom get her ring from the drain

For the life of me, I can't remember which character this is.  Addi was told to "think outside of the box" and I think she succeded!  I love this lil girl.  She's so creative and smart! I'm so flattered she asked me to do this project with her.

excuse the horrible outfit ... her step mom isn't the most fashionable person!

I found an awesome website with templates for lunch box notes.  I tweaked 'em a little so they match the kids' personalities.  They loved getting a surprise note in their lunch/daily binder.  I had fun doing them, too!

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