Thursday, September 01, 2011

remodel 2011 - shrubs and flower garden

We are sooo excited to start making OUR house more US!  It really hit us on Saturday that we can do whatever we want (with the HOA approval, of course)!  As I was swimming with the kiddos, Heath started digging and laying bricks and before I knew it, he had built a flower garden!!!!  Addi wants to plant an apple tree....

Heath's next project is the shrubs in the front yard.  He's HATED them since Day One!!!  He said it's the first thing to go and he was right!  They definitely didn't come out as easy as he thought they would!  Here's our journal of the ordeal!

Day One - me and the kiddos came home and saw a half removed shrub, a broken tow strap (second broken tow strap, mind you) and lots of dirt and rocks.  Heath said he was going to win and not let the shrubs dominate the yard

Heath couldn't wait until the next day, so as soon as he got off work, it was back to shrub removal.  He bought a new, stronger tow strap, too!  The kids thought it was so fun to watch.  The shrub was soooo in the ground that it pulled the truck back!

FINAL DAY!  Got a text from Heath that he removed the remaining shrubs!  The final casualty of the project is the shovel!  The house looks so different! I can't wait to start landscaping!!



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