Wednesday, February 18, 2009

breathing treatments

A few days ago I get a call from Logan's dad. He and his wife took Logan into the Urgent Care for breathing problems. The doctors are thinking it could be asthma. Logan's dad has severe asthma problems, so there is a good possibility. They are doing some testing to see how his lungs respond to some breathing treatments so he came home from their house with this fun contraption!

He is on round the clock treatments; waking this guy up every 4 hours is such a joy - he's soooo good at doing his treatment, then back to sleep!! Thanks for being so awesome, Logan!!

Sweet Heath even stayed up to hang out with Logan while he was doing his 11pm treatment. Logan was totally alseep, until he saw Heath. Then he perked up and they just sat on the floor and chatted while Logan was doing his treatment. These two are sooo cute together. It was fun to watch them.
( Sorry babe for posting this picture of you in your jammies ... )

This morning, sister woke up early with Logan for his 7AM treatment. Normally, I let them sleep until 7:30 or so.

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Martin Family said...

poor guy. hope he gets better.