Monday, February 23, 2009


Last weekend we went to Greer for a long weekend, with his squad. It was such a nice and welcomed break from reality!!

This was THE most amazing cabin ever! You couldn't beat the view, the sights and the company.

This lake was frozen - completely iced over. We could hear water underneath moving around, it was so unreal.

Heath dared me to stand on this little snow bridge over the running river ... he knows me all too well ... I can't pass up a dare!

Heath carving "H + J" on this tree

Just breathtaking!!

Some of the boys: Ryan and Jason

This is Ryan doing his famous, "The Carlton" ... for those who know 'The Fresh Prince' ... soooo funny!!!

Some of the guys playing poker

On our way home, we stopped in Pinedale to see the Goodman Family Ranch. The Goodman's have about 500 acres for their posterity. These are two of the original buildings built by his grandfather when they first bought the lands from the Indians. Some of the land is ancient burial grounds the Indians used. It was really cool!!

We were in no rush to get back, so we also stopped in Payson at the Tonto Natural Bridge. We were so bummed to learn that they are closing THIS week, indefinitely, due to the economy. This is one of my favorite places to visit in Northern Arizona. I've taken the kiddos here several times to hike - it's just beautiful!


Dawn said...

Isn't the Greer area beautiful? I have family in Eagar, really close by, and we love to go visit up there when we can.

S+S said...

So...I am very closely related to Goodman's in Arizona. My grandma is a Goodman from Arizona, St. David. Hm....He must be pretty cool! Maybe he's my third or fourth cousin!