Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i'm going to be a ladybug when i grow up

Dear Addi,
For the longest time when I would ask you what you're going to be when you grow up, you tell me "a ladybug". This drives your brother CRAZY because he's so black and white, play by the rules, logical little man.

This morning on my way to work, I passed Dobson High School in Mesa, like I do every morning. I totally forgot President Obama was speaking at this high school today. The streets were lined with swarms of people awaiting the President's arrival. The economy is really bad right now and everyone is a little on edge on the future of the US.

I finally made it to my office. It's such a beautiful day, I decided to open the blinds. I'm glad I did. I saw a family of THREE little turtles, all huddled together on a floating dock, in the middle of the lake outside my office window. I see them often. They seem to have such an easy and slow pace of life. As I listened to the helicopters hover above and think about what the future holds for our Nation, as the President is giving his speech, I decided that I want to be a turtle when I grow up!!

I love you Addi!

Dearest Logan -
I can't tell you just how easy of a kid you are. It only takes me whispering in your ear that it's time to get up for your treatment and UP YOU POP, like a good boy. This is a picture from tonight's 11PM treatment.

You are so sweet, laying with your puppy, completely asleep on the couch. The only thing you could say to me as I put you back in bed was, "Sorry I'm so heavy, Mom".

I love you so much Logan!!


Naughty Newbee's said...

Ahhh Jenn, so cute!! Addi is for sure a character of her own isn't she?? Love her so much she makes me laugh. Poor little Logan and his breathing treatments, those are no fun!! Hope all is well with you;) Miss you lots, we need to get together again with you and Heath. Maybe just a night out to dinner would be fuN?

The Williamson's said...

I love this post. Boy do I miss that view and the little turtles :) Poor Logan I hope he gets to feeling better.