Sunday, December 26, 2010

choices and consequences

I have always believed that my kiddos should be able to make their own decisions {within reason, of course}, but with their decisions come consequences.  Up until now, the decisions the kids have had to made haven't been "big" ones ... but the time has now come that the kids are faced with more grown up choices.

This past week, Logan was given the choice to spend a few days with us {me, Heath, Kaiden and Addi} to cecelebrate Christmas and Kaiden's birthday or spend those days at his dad's house with his step-cousins.  He chose his step-cousins.  I was crushed!!  We had 4 Christmas' to attend {including our own} AND Kaiden's birthday lunch at Chuck E Cheese and he turned them down.  I was shocked.  Floored.  Sad.  Pissed.  I had so many emotions for those few days, they are indescribable.  Kaiden was crushed ... which made me so disappointed in Logan's choice.  I've never been so disappointed in one of my kiddos.

This morning, we picked up the kids for their week with us.  Kaiden didn't have to leave for Vegas for a few more hours, so it gave us a few hours together; which was sooo important for Kaiden.  Heath and I took Logan aside and had a heart to heart and I feel like we made some progress.

A couple hours later, me and the kids are walking into Kohls and Kaiden asks Logan, "Logan, be honest with me.  Do you like your cousins better or me, as a friend?"  Logan said, "Dude.  I love you as a brother and I'm really sorry I hurt your feelings."  I was sooo proud of my lil man.

I know this is the first of many situations we are going to face and having the "brick wall", known as the kids' father, influencing his decisions.  I am soooo thankful for Heath and the positive influence in Logan & Addi's life.  Kaiden, Logan and Addi are so blessed to have such an amazing father!  

the boys at Mojo's in Tempe {our FAAAAVE yogurt place}

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