Monday, December 27, 2010

thank you

A HUGE thank you to everyone who made 2010's Christmas so very special for our family!!

Thursday, December 23 and Saturday, December 25
Great-Grandma Jean, Aunt Dale, Aunt Donna, Uncle Jim, John and Uncle Mike:
Thank you for all the gifts!  We loved spending time with you before Christmas and on Christmas Day!  I think everyone's favorite part about Christmas at Grandma's is playing outside with Aunt Dale and Aunt Donna, with the new toys!  A new favorite ... trying new foods?  Probably not!  ha ha

Thursday, December 23
Grandpa Goodman {Sam}, Great-Grandma Goodman, Angie, Jim, Lindsey, Cody, Jenny & Jake:

Thank you for the gifts and yummy dinner!  It was fun to get together and see Sam's new pad.  The kids had fun playing together and playing hide and go seek in Grandpa's house.  My favorite gift is the tile we got from Sam which a very special and meaningful saying by Thomas S. Monson - "The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live it."  I can't wait to put it up on our new house.  Also, we told Grandma Goodman about our promise and upcoming wedding.  She was in tears.  She said it made her very happy to hear we were getting married.  My heart melted!

Friday, December 24
Great-Grandma Morris, Grandma Goodman {Debbie}

Thank you for getting all of us together for such a delish dinner and fun games!  Our favorite was the animal game ... even though we all lost.  The Christmas tree game was a blast too!  Grandma did awesome!   We also told Grandma Morris we were getting married soon.  She too, was in tears and was very excited for us.

Saturday, December 25
Grandma Goodman {Debbie}, Jake, Cody, Jenny, Jim & Lindsey

Thank you for such a good Christmas morning.   We love all of our gifts and love our family tradition of Christmas morning breakfast & presents, together. 

Saturday, December 25
Grandma Ruth {a very close and dear friend}
Thank you for the fun Christmas Night visit and dinner! Chinnese food for Christmas dinner?  Works for us!  We always love visiting with you and sharing stories ... and catching up!  I hope that in 2011, we can do better at visiting and catching up more often, especially since we'll be living closer to you.

Heath - thank you for working so hard for our family and making sure we had a special Christmas!  It was one of my favorites and can't wait for many more together!

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