Sunday, December 26, 2010

presents at grandma jeans and eating dead fish

Addi doing Grandma Jean's present

Grandma Jean's present from Addi

Playing Tic Tac Toe at Grandma Jean's ... the kids' fave game!

Yep! Those are DEAD fish ... fried!!

Addi ... eating the dead fish!

Addi and Uncle Mike

The kiddos eyeing the gifts!
Addi is seriously THE most competitive child I know!  She cannot turn down a challenge!  Uncle Mike came home with "Italian French Fries", which turned out to be fried Smelt.  Heath told Addi she'd pay her $2 if she ate one.  She did.  Popped it in her mouth and got her two bucks!  Then Uncle Mike offered another $2 for another fish.  Of course she did it!  Crazy, crazy gal!

Addi made a super sweet gift for Grandma with all the reasons why she loves her!  Grandma loved it!

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