Wednesday, December 29, 2010

to my baby girl

Dear Addi,
You have been becoming more girlie lately!  With FOUR older brothers, I am honestly shocked at this new fascination with makeup and fake nails!  Since Christmas at Grandpa Goodman's, you have been putting on makeup every day.  I am excited for this new change.  I'm hoping it'll spill into your opinion about getting your hair cut & styled, too.  {hint hint} 

The picture above is from Kohls.  I had some shopping to do and left you alone in the makeup/perfume section for a short time.  This is what I came back to.  You were in heaven and smelt yummy!  It reminds me of me when I was little.  Papa used to roll down the windows cause I used to smell VERY strong, after visiting a store that had perfume. 

With the cooler weather, you are also wearing your favorite boots every chance you get.  The picture above is from the grocery store last night.  You took off your shoes in the car, then in a hurry to put them back on and left them this way, while grocery shopping.  I never thought I'd be "one of those moms" that lets their kids look like this in public.  BUT ... I didn't have the heart to tell how silly it may look to others; while I think it's adorable and totally is YOU!  You have always had this love of boots.  Uma and Papa have bought you a nice pair of boots, every year since you could walk. 

You got a lot of money for Christmas, from your Dad's house.  It was fun to see what you spent your money on.  I didn't influence you, in any way and let you choose whatever you wanted.  You spent your last $3.75 on a Tall Mocha Frap w/ Whip from Starbucks!  I love hearing you order this, on your own and watching the Bartista double check with me to make sure they heard your order right.  It's your fave drink.  Don't worry ... your secret is safe with me.

I am so thankful to be your mom.  You make me so happy and I love watching you grow up and get your own little personality.  You are my best friend!


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