Friday, February 18, 2011

you know you're parents are awesome when ..

your boyfriend says, "I'd love for your parents to move to Arizona, I have the best in-laws ever."

I am seriously thankful for my parents and all they have done for me and my sweet little family.  They are so supportive and my biggest fans! No matter what I have done, they always remind me that I am a great mom and that my kiddos are lucky to be my children.  Lately, it's been a huge struggle with CPS and the kids' father.  Abuse & neglect.  I am so heart broken and doing everything I possibly can to get my sweet babes back to my home, where they belong.  Yesterday, I was having a hard day and my mom told me, "Heath has your back, Jenny.  He supports you and believes in you.  You have never had that before."  I've NEVER had my parents feel that way about any man I've been with.  I'm so thankful my parents and Heath/Kaiden get along so well and love each other like they do.

I could not ask for a better example of a true, loving relationship. My parents are best friends.  My mom tells you like it is and my dad is the softy.  Mom & Dad - thank you for always being there for me {even though I haven't been the easiest kid}.  I hope I can be half the parent to Logan & Addi!!

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Tisha and Mark said...

Amen to what your mom said :) Heath is a great man and I know I didn't know you long but I can tell you are happy and that is so important! XOXO