Thursday, February 17, 2011


MY NEW RIDE!!!!  Last weekend we traded in the Blaze for a more fuel effeciant car ... and definitely WAY cuter and more me!  I seriously love our new Scion!  Logan & Addi actually picked it out!  We had test drove a Nissan Altima Coupe and a Toyota Camery, but weren't sold on either.  After test driving the Camery, Logan and Addi were checking out the Scion.  Logan said, "What about this one?"  Both Heath and I weren't so sure.  We thought it was a teenager's type of car, but decided to test drive it anyway.  WE WERE HOOKED!!!! 

Logan & Addi's fave thing - the space!  They love how big it is, inside.  Since they spend so much time in the car, traveling, this was super important to them.

Mine and Heath's fave thing - the auxillary port/ ipod/iphone hookup so I can listen to Pandora AND talk on the phone through the stereo speakers!  It's hard driving a manual, while talking on the phone!  Heath loves this too, cause I can't text & drive any more.  And the gas mileage comes in a close second!

We can't wait to show Kaiden his new ride, too!  We think he'll love it! 

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