Monday, February 07, 2011

i am convinced

I am convinced Sarge is THE most spoiled and loved dog, e-v-e-r!  This afternoon, I took him to the Dog Park for an hour.  It was warmer outside, so he got tired quickly.  He had wrestled around with his buds, Simba {pit bull/lab mix} and Burley {standard poodle} and was a mess!!  When we got home, I attempted to give him a bath, with the hose, in the back yard.  He would not even come close to me.  I let him in the house and told him he had to take a bath.  He ran into our bathroom and hopped in the shower.  He laid down and enjoyed his shower.  Afterwards, he ran around for a little, drying off, then jumped into our bed and snuggled in the sun, under our blanket.

He's such a sweet pup.  I couldn't imagine our home and family without him.

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