Sunday, May 01, 2011

first day of swimming

This is my, "Goodman ... you better not take a picture..." face

Addi loooves Doritos!

awe!  buddies!!

a familiar picture
tryin' to get some sun ... and enjoying a Cap & Coke

the dog whisperer

having fun on the raft! Lou Lou loves the raft!  Awesome pup!

My sweet girl, Sharon!

Playing with Lou Anne; splashing her

The boys

the crew

Sweet, sweet girlies!

ummm ...Sarge ... you MAY be a little too big for this doggie door.  Nice try.
Addi snapped this picture of Sarge.  Nice shot, Ads!

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I just love your doggy...he has quite the camera personality;) And your purple pokka dot Bikini is so cute!!