Monday, May 16, 2011

home alone - evening 1 {photo shoot, editing and doggie park}

Last night was so quiet without Heath home.  I kept busy with a photo shoot of a returning family (now 1 member larger), taking Sarge to the dog park and editing pictures from two shoots. 

This sweet babe (and munchkins below) belong to W & B.  All kiddos have a 'P' name.  I love that, but when it came time to having the boys take turns of holding Miss P, I would mix them up. :)  Can't imagine what Mom must go through.  Mom's sister and mother came, too and I'm glad they did!  They were a huge help!

Yet another cousin of Heath's!  Ha.  This is T & M and their sweet daughter E!  Heath & I scouted out a new location because my other secret spot was in the middle of being irrigated.  We found this spot and I am IN LOVE!  Here's a few shots of their sweet lil family.  PS ... looove love the red hair!  Totally reminds me of Addi when she was this age; bald, red fuzz and bright blue eyes!

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