Monday, May 16, 2011

"parked" with a po po

I had a "buy one get on free" coupon for Mojo's so I asked Heath if he'd go on a quick date with me before he started for Prescott.  We met at Tempe Marketplace (he in his police car and me in the xbox).  I walked over to his patrol car and he said, "there's a pursuit, it may be a while, wanna get in?"  1.5 agonizing hours later, after listening to every detail of this chase, it ended safely for the police and the suspect in custody. 

Listening to the radio together and Heath's reactions to decisions that were made, it made me realize even more how important it is for him to be in a supervisory role.  He's so level headed and makes such a great leader!!  Once Sargent School opens back up, I'm hoping he'll go for it!!

Here is the link for the story on AZ Central:

While we were in the parking lot, Firebird 1 (Phoenix Police Heli), who was assisting the chase, passed by us.  It was a trip to listen to the pilot on the radio while watching him fly over us and knowing exactly what he was doing. 

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