Monday, May 16, 2011

missin' you

For the next two weeks, Heath is working in Prescott, teaching soon-to-be driving instructors, how to be a driving instructor.   This will be the longest we have been apart in our 2.5 years together.  I will be visiting this weekend, but during the weeks, we won't see each other at all. 

So ... I made Heath a bag for each morning he starts his day.  Every bag is different; date tag, present inside and note.   The only thing that is the same, is there is a photo challenge each day.  Ha!  Surprised?  Didn't think so. :)   Some days, he will be getting a history lesson and others he will be reminded of a certain characteristic that I admire about him.  The gift inside is related to the note.  I'm excited to hear which day was his fave!

I miss ya, Love!!!

I also made Heath two picture frames with collages of our family, for his hotel room.  
One of me and him and the other of him and the kiddos!


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Jackson Family said...

those bags where really cute. how did you come up with the question? very creative!