Monday, June 13, 2011

just waiting ...

As soon as flights are paid for, the kids ask, "How many more days til Kaiden comes?"  We have learned our lesson and now wait for about a week before he arrives, before we tell Logan & Addi. 

Addi was so excited to show Kaiden the 'Baby Hatch' app on my phone.  You take a face picture of a girl and a face picture of a boy, then it scans eyes, nose, lips, etc to "make" a baby.  They went crazy and before you know it, they were taking pictures of two different dogs to see what kind of baby they would "make"!

Kaiden's flight was almost an hour late and our plans were to leave for White Mountains as soon as he arrived.  We ended up going home to finish packing, before heading out at 11:30pm.  Logan got so wound up, he had to do a breathing treatment before the road trip.  The kids hopped up on our bed, turned on Wizards of Waverly Place, opened some Funyons & white chocolate pretzels and hung out until Heath and I were ready to leave.  Sarge was soooo happy to have all of his munchkins home!

Here are some pictures from Kaiden's arrival on Thursday, June 9!

keepin' an eye on Flight 294!  45 minutes late ...

can you tell we are used to the airport?

LOVE the smile on these boys!

Logan & Kaiden's baby on "Baby Hatch" app.

Logan was being sooo silly!  Not sure what they put in his water at Starbucks

Addi and Kaiden "making" a baby on 'Baby Hatch' app

Addi and Kaiden's "baby"

Logan was so excited and wound up, he had to do a breathing treatment before leaving for White Mountains

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