Friday, June 24, 2011

where I get the passion from

On Easter, this year, my Aunt Donna brought over all of Grandpa Kuhn's old slides.  I guess he was passionate about photography, too, and took pictures ALL the time.  I wish he was still alive so I could chat with him about what camera and film was like 'back in the day', but he passed away when I was 9.  It was so fun to see pictures of my Dad and Aunts as children and what they did for family events and how they celebrated holidays.  Some of my favorite pictures were the portraits he took of my Dad.  I couldn't believe how much Logan looks like my Dad.  It was also fun to see my Grandpa's perspective on simply every day things; like getting a box of peaches and photographing it.  It was also so fun to see Logan & Addi doing this Papa did, when he was their age like Scouts and painting.

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