Saturday, June 25, 2011

dbacks and mojos!

Last year we didn't make it to too many Dbacks games and when this season came around, we realized how much we missed our traditions!

First .... we eat at Mojo's on Mill!  If you don't know what Mojo's is, you can read all about it here.  THE most amazing yogurt, e-v-e-r!!! 

The kids love that they can watch kiddo movies while eating their yogurts and smoothies.

Next - TRAIN RIDE from Tempe to Chase Field!

Found our "normal" seats!!  Way up in Section 332

Can't miss out on the batting cages!! 
This year we had a new family member join the picture. Ha!

This was the first time we had ever saw the bobblehead players!

The Fam! 

This year, the fireworks had a mishap and we are hoping this isn't the last year of fireworks!
We always try to go to the games with fireworks afterwards!

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